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From Piraeus in Athens to the heart of the Aegean Sea you can hear a song, the song of ancient gods blessing the cradle of civilization, today formed by warm islands, ancient ruins and fairytale beaches. This group sea trip from Athens to Mykonos proposed by Horizonte Paralelo is the best excuse to get to know and enjoy an amazing trip with other travelers with similar tastes.

At 10:45 a.m. we will be able to attend the changing of the guard of the Parliament, to later enjoy the local atmosphere of Syntagma Square and the beautiful Monastiraki Square. Preamble for a fantastic immersion in the history of Athens.

We will cruise from the heart of the Cyclades Islands to Santorini. Upon arrival at the port of Athinios in Santorini, we will transfer to the hotel located in the best beach areas of the island. Afterwards, nothing better than touring the best corners of the island. In the afternoon we will visit Oia to enjoy the most beautiful sunset in the Mediterranean. And perhaps, in the world.

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They call it Zamora but I prefer to refer to it as Samurah, which is how it was known to the Arabs who passed through here: you can’t deny that the name is beautiful. The “turquoise city” that rises proudly on a hill on the banks of the Duero, just fifty kilometers from Portugal,

Go to the other side of the world. To Australia, Chile or South Africa, for example. Mention the word “Rioja” and they will know what you are talking about, even if your interlocutor does not speak a word of Spanish. And the fact is that few regions in the

You know very well how passionate we are about ancient Roman culture. We have dedicated several articles to their customs and the legacy they left not only in Europe but also in other parts of the world (take a look at our article Roman Ruins in North Africa or Están

Avila is one of those wonderful cities, so Castilian she, that precisely because of its proximity to Madrid, sometimes seems to make us forget its presence. And I am sure that there are many of you who, to give an example, go more frequently to Barcelona or Valencia than to other cities that are not so close to Madrid.

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A very complete route through the south of the Balkan Peninsula crossing ALBANIA, GREECE, MACEDONIA, KOSOVO AND MONTENEGRO. A circular route where we will combine culture and nature. The SOUTHERN BALKANS, the most unknown region in Europe, hence its great attraction. People, culture, archeology, history and incredible landscapes.

We continue our route to MACEDONIA. After crossing the border we visit the Orthodox Monastery of St. Naum on the shores of Lake Ohrid. Then Ohrid city awaits us, with numerous churches, a haven of peace by the lake. An ideal place to stroll enjoying its streets, its Roman theater and a view to take away the hiccups. Before leaving the country, Skopje: the capital with its bazaars of Ottoman origin.

Already in KOSOVO, time to stroll through the cobbled streets of the historic center of Prizren. Orthodox churches, stone bridges, mosques and pleasant terraces for tea. Further north, the great Decani Monastery, with the most important Byzantine frescoes in the Balkans.

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Crystal clear waters, golden beaches and typical landscapes of the Greek islands will be waiting for you in Koufonissia. The beauty of this island will captivate you and its untouched nature will surprise you, a true paradise in the Mediterranean Sea!

This jewel of the Cyclades is worth a visit! The white buildings of the harbor will give you a warm welcome. Then you will approach the capital of the island, Chora, a resplendent village with winding alleys full of charm.

Santorini is very different from the neighboring islands: it has a volcanic morphology. You will be able to visit it largely on foot. For that, you will only have to follow the winding paths that are drawn between the houses and the cliff.

– The homologation of the tourist category of the different models of accommodation corresponds to the regulations of the country or region of destination. The assignment of this category is linked to the technical characteristics of the establishment.

– Tourists staying overnight in this city could pay a new “lodging tax” or tourist tax to economically support the effort made by the city in the organization of urban services and aims to guarantee tourists a better welcome and better services.

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