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This summer enjoy the Royal Decameron Punta Centinela Hotel, the new hotel of this important chain worldwide, book early to get the best rates and enjoy the all inclusive.

Beautiful tour to Salinas to enjoy the Colón Salinas, one of the most beautiful hotels in the South Pacific. Its location is privileged as it is in the middle of the beach area and next to the boardwalk of Salinas.

Enjoy Manta in Ecuador, one of the most developed cities in the country. Here you will find beautiful beaches, Manabita gastronomy and international cuisine, plus there are excursions that will take you to fascinating places.

Mantahost Hotel is located in the city of Manta, located in the province of Manabí in Ecuador, on the Pacific Coast. It is a city with a large commercial and touristic growth and the main fishing port of Ecuador.

Fabulous tour to Manta Ecuador with airfare, to enjoy a well deserved vacation in one of the most spectacular hotels in the South Pacific. Stay at Oro Verde Hotels and enjoy the luxury and comfort.

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Food and beverage: 2 bars and 5 restaurants (Marco Polo, international cuisine, a la carte; Pizzalisima, Italian, a la carte; Rosamarinus, international, buffet; La Palapita, sushi, a la carte; Las Fuentes, international, buffet).

Food and beverages: Several bars and 8 restaurants (coffee, seafood, French, American, Italian, Asian, international, grills and barbecues). 7 a la carte restaurants and one buffet.

Among its buildings stands out El Castillo, which is believed to have been an astronomical observatory and contains allegories to the sun and the planet Venus. It is located on a cliff, facing the Caribbean Sea and a stairway leads to a beach of crystal clear turquoise blue waters.

An all-inclusive air + hotel package, departing on 07/18/2020 and returning on 07/25/2020 (8 days and 7 nights) is priced at MXN 19588 per person (MXN 39176 for a couple), with the following conditions:

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The food was terrible.very poor quality and very little variety.the all inclusive service was a shame.4 or 5 drinks served in ridiculous plastic cups.votel staff at no time made the slightest effort to please the is the worst hotel service I’ve seen in my life.we were a large group from bilbao and generally felt similar to what I write.

The hotel is very very simple, we had problems upon arrival, we were assigned an apartment next to the hotel without air conditioning, much simpler than the hotel, to protest we stayed in a hotel room because the guide spoke to the receptionist because he did not want to change us at that time.2 hrs after arriving we were given the final room.

The truth has been a very unexpected vacation that everything was bad…hotel zero..attention zero…the only thing worthwhile is the environment …but hotel d 4 stars ..jajjaaj…nothing d nothing…and not to mention the food..drink…ectr…attention..without towels 2 days..ectr..ectra….

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The second bailout for Greece could become more complicated after Finland reached an agreement with Athens for the Hellenic country to give it guarantees in exchange for its participation in the aid plan and other countries began to contemplate the same.

The finance ministers of Finland and Greece, Jutta Urpilainen and Evangelos Venizelos, respectively, reached a bilateral agreement on Tuesday, under which Athens will make a cash deposit commensurate with the proportionate share of loan guarantees to be provided by Finland in the bailout and which will generate interest with secure investments, the Financial Times reports Friday.

“After the talks between the Finnish and Greek ministers, which concluded on Tuesday, euro zone member states will have to assess the outcome of those bilateral discussions and they will have to do so taking into account the July 21 agreement,” said EU spokesman for Economic and Monetary Affairs Amadeu Altafaj at the daily press conference, reports EFE.

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