When will france lift travel restrictions

French government to lift most of the restrictions on the use of


The Council of Ministers has approved this Tuesday the Royal Decree by which, from today, April 20, the use of face masks will cease to be mandatory in general. The measure will come into force after its publication in the Official State Gazette (BOE).

However, the use of masks will continue to be mandatory in certain contexts and its use is advised in different situations, especially related to people and environments of special vulnerability.

It will continue to be mandatory in health centers, services and establishments, such as hospitals, health centers, transfusion centers or pharmacies, both for people working in them and for visitors. The exception is that it will not be mandatory for people who are hospitalized when they stay in their rooms.

Daily new coronavirus infections have been increasing in Austria, but the pressure on hospitals has eased and the wave is expected to peak around February 7.

What must I present and which VACCINES are accepted for

France imposed restrictions on travelers entering the country from the UK, to curb the arrival of the omicron coronavirus variant. Only essential travel from the UK to France is permitted, regardless of vaccination status. Travel restrictions were implemented as of December 18.

As of December 20, only people with a passport with the vaccine or proof of recovery will be allowed access to restaurants and indoor event venues, and must wear masks at all times if not consuming food or drink.

FFP2 masks (filtering face piece) are mandatory in many areas. To enter hotels, restaurants, leisure centers, gyms, cultural institutions, Christmas markets, ski lifts and body-related services such as beauty salons, proof of vaccination or proof of recovery is required.

When will france lift travel restrictions del momento

But this negotiation will not be carried out at a national level, but will be carried out jointly by the European Union, which will draw up a list of safe countries with which the Member States can lift the restrictions. “We want tourism and health safety to go hand in hand,” said the President of the Government.

The countries included in the EU list must meet three requirements: their epidemiological situation must be similar to or better than that of the EU; they must assume certain sanitary conditions at origin, en route and destination; and they will have to act with reciprocity, so they must also accept the entry of travelers from the EU.

The lifting of internal EU borders will depend on each Member State. Several countries plan to open them as of Monday, June 15, in line with the proposal of the European Commission (EC), which was the date it recommended, in addition to prolonging the closure of external borders until at least July 1. We review the situation of some of them:

When will france lift travel restrictions en línea

The appearance of the omicron variant in South Africa at the end of 2021 soon spread to other countries and continents, such as Europe and America. In most cases, this variant causes less severe symptoms, but its transmission capacity is much greater than the original coronavirus, so that hospitals and health centers have been overwhelmed in a new wave of contagions.

Now, with spring approaching, the rise in temperatures and the effectiveness of vaccines, it seems that the peak of contagions is behind us. That is why several governments have decided to ease the restrictions in force to promote mobility between countries and reactivate the economy.

The aim is to return to pre-pandemic normality, although the medical and scientific community considers that it is too early to lower our guard. Opposition parties accuse Prime Minister Boris Johnson of pursuing an opportunistic policy to regain his popularity in the wake of the Partygate scandal.

However, other regions are now beginning to suffer the effects of Omicron, with contagions on the rise and the health system overwhelmed. This is the case of Hong Kong, a region that belongs to China but has a distinct political regime, where on Monday more than 7,500 cases were recorded in one day (in a population of 7.5 million).

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