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Travel to Paris in the summer: what it’s like, weather, food, clothes and


Read on because here you will find everything you need to know if you can travel to France now, what measures are being followed and what interesting places you can include in your next European adventure.

As you can see, you’ll be able to travel to France right now and enjoy that vacation you’ve been looking forward to. The next step is to start planning, so you’re probably wondering which places are the most interesting and what you can’t miss in each of them. At IATI we advise you to focus on the south of the country and make a wonderful route by car that passes through destinations such as the following:

What are the must-sees? The Place du Capitole, where the town hall and the Opera House are located, is a must. Other interesting sites are the Place Victor Hugo market, the Jacobins Convent, the Basilica of St. Saturnin, the Cathedral of St. Etienne, the Hotel d’Assezat or the Musée des Agustins. Even so, what we recommend is to get lost in charming streets such as Rue Henri de Gorsse, Rue de Blanchers or Rue Sant-Antonie du T. and, of course, walk along the Garonne River and contemplate its bridges.

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One more recommendation: from Paris you can take the Eurostar train and get to London in just over an hour and a half. I would not miss the British capital. You will love it and you can go back to sleep in Paris if you want or stay one night in London.

Hello, how are you? My name is German and we are planning a trip to Europe with my girlfriend for the month of September… also a one month trip as the guy here is asking… how about September to go to Europe? There are too many people? Everything is slower and more expensive…..

France recommends that its citizens do not travel this summer to

Photo: iStock And we cannot forget that France is one of the artistic engines in Europe, with an endless number of museums and the most outstanding temporary exhibitions on the continent. That is why it is always advisable to consult the agenda of museums in Paris, where by the way reopened a few months ago the unique Albert Khan Photography Center. Outside the French capital we also highlight for this summer the exhibitions “La Gioconda, inverse exhibition”, at the Palais de la Bourse in Marseille, and “Picasso, the effervescence of forms”, at the Cité du Vin in Bordeaux.A good way to conclude the summer will be participating in the European Heritage Days, whose 39th edition will be held in 2022 on September 17 and 18. This is an opportunity to visit emblematic buildings in France, which will be exceptionally open on those days, offering guided tours and special events.

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In Tours, city described as “art and history” you can admire medieval monuments and narrow streets around the Plumereau square. The city is full of passages, towers with exterior staircases, hidden courtyards and is a good start for the visit of the great Loire Valley.

The Château de Blois, former medieval fortress of the Counts of Blois has hosted throughout its history more than ten queens and seven kings of France, is an amalgam of styles, art collections and precious furniture.

ConditionsPrices “from” per person per stay in double room and indicated board, valid for selected departure dates until December 31, 2022. Includes (unless otherwise indicated): economy class flights from Madrid and/or Barcelona, airfare, transfers and visa. Check conditions. Limited places.

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