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Five travelers on motorcycles, ’80 laps’ around the world. By José M


Not only Paris lives tourism in France, the country is one of the most interesting tourist attractions, with each of its departments or regions dedicated to offer tourists the best of themselves.

Next we give you some interesting information and we detail you the articles that we have written of our trips to France, you have articles on cities or towns, and articles with practical information for your routes of trip for France.

Winter in France is ski season, with two strong points of visit, the Pyrenees, but especially the French Alps. It can be frankly difficult to find accommodation in the main ski resorts during the Christmas season.

With an excellent health network, we will not have to worry about health in France, beyond that we have that if we are citizens of the European Union, we must have processed the European Health Insurance Card, to have free health coverage during our trip to France.

A day on the Côte d’Azur, a heritage tour

One of the towns that the royal retinue visited on this itinerary through Languedoc was Béziers, in the current department of Hérault. Louis XIV and his mother, Anne of Austria stayed at the Episcopal Palace, located next to the wonderful Gothic cathedral of Saint-Nazaire.

Béziers experienced a period of splendor during the 19th century, when it was considered the wine capital of the world. From that period, some mansions remain, true architectural treasures and heritage of the hegemony of that time.

Pierre-Paul Riquet’s expertise allowed the boats to cross a drop of almost 22 meters in only 300 meters in length. Traditional buildings such as the water mark, the stables or the lock keepers’ house are still preserved.

Festival de Jazz à Vienne 2013 – France

The hall of the Royal Theater offered a dazzling appearance, adorned with magnificent tapestries. All the boxes and seats were filled with a distinguished audience. The event, presided over by King Alfonso XIII, was attended by prestigious doctors, politicians and foreign personalities, among them the researcher Marie Curie (Poland 1867, France 1934).

Another central event of his second visit was the lecture he gave at the Residencia de Estudiantes under the titleLa radiactividad y la evolución de la ciencia (Radioactivity and the evolution of science). He also visited the new laboratories of his host, physicist Blas Cabrera.

Mother and daughter also took the opportunity to visit Toledo and drove to Granada to admire the “very beautiful Arab palaces”. At the Alhambra they were greeted by a procession of students who invaded the place to greet and photograph the scientist. They then spent the night in Almeria and passed through Murcia, Valencia and Barcelona, where they took the fast train back to Paris.


La satisfacción de su viaje es nuestro deber, vocación y reto. La calidad al mejor precio es nuestra misión y objetivo. Calidad en el proceso de compra, calidad en el itinerario, calidad humana, calidad en los hoteles, comidas.

INCLUIMOS VISITA CON GUÍA LOCAL (Parlamento, Río Támesis, Torre de Londres, Palacio de Buckingham y el “cambio de guardia”). TRASLADO POR LA NOCHE a la alegre zona del Soho, donde podrá cenar en su restaurante preferido.

INCLUYE VISITA CON GUÍA LOCAL, entrada a la TORRE EIFFEL (2ª planta) y PASEO EN BARCO por el Sena. TRASLADO POR LA NOCHE al barrio de Montmartre, incluyendo el paseo en FUNICULAR, y varias opciones de restaurantes, por ejemplo, indios. TRASLADO POR LA NOCHE a la zona de la Gare du Nord, hogar de la comunidad india de París, con muchas opciones de restaurantes franceses o étnicos.

INCLUIMOS VISITA CON GUÍA LOCAL y entrada al COLOSO ROMANO y entrada a la CATEDRAL DE SAN PEDRO. PETER’s CATHEDRAL. TRASLADO POR LA NOCHE al animado barrio de Esquilino con restaurantes italianos, indios, chinos e internacionales. TRASLADO POR LA TARDE a la zona de Via Cavour con todo tipo de restaurantes.

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