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It is also very important to keep in mind that there is a significant group of unlicensed nursing staff who are also in the hospital providing patient care and that this influences both the quality of patient care and the working conditions of the nurses.

Despite the fact that there are recruitment companies that offer to process the visa, it is very important to keep in mind that this is not easy and now the U.S. has increased its control filters for entry and stay in the country.

We must keep in mind that, in all cases, whatever the destination, the reason for the trip or the company that supports the stay at the time of passing through immigration you can be denied entry into the country and you can be repatriated immediately.

Nurse visas are relatively common due to the shortage of professionals in that field. There are several avenues to work, although they have been reduced since the program under which H-1C visas were granted, which were intended precisely for healthcare personnel, ceased to operate…

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She was named after the city where she was born, Florence, but she was the daughter of a wealthy and liberal English family for the time. Her maternal grandfather, William Smith, was a dissident Christian parliamentarian, abolitionist of slavery and sympathizer of the French Revolution, and it seems that his granddaughter inherited his revolutionary spirit and social reformism.

Shortly thereafter, she took a position in a women’s welfare center in London and began to analyze the care provided by hospitals in that city and in Paris. In 1854, thanks to her friendship with Sidney Herbert, Secretary of State for War, she was sent to lead a group of 38 nurses to the Crimean War (1853-1856), which was being fought by the Russian Empire against an alliance of the Ottoman Empire, France and the United Kingdom.

His studies showed that it increased survival. She also introduced epidemiology and statistics in hospitals (she made charts, forms on the causes of disease and death…), another field in which she was a pioneer. She was the first woman admitted to the British Royal Statistical Society, although she did not succeed in getting a chair of statistics opened at Oxford University.

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The bigger the city, the more job opportunities it usually offers to workers coming from other countries. In this sense, Paris, the French capital, is where most jobs are available, but it should be noted that it is also the place in France where the cost of living is the most expensive.

For that reason other large cities such as Lyon or Marseille could be more interesting options. It should also be noted that some regions such as Nord-Pas de Calais, in the north, as well as the island of Corsica and in general the whole Mediterranean strip, have higher unemployment rates than the rest of the country and do not seem to be a good option to find a job.

Although the European Union recognizes the right of citizens of member countries to settle in any country of the European Union, to simplify the bureaucratic procedures, it is recommended to have a European resident card, which can be requested at an office of the Prefecture of Police by presenting a work contract, a paycheck or even a bill (rent, electricity or gas, etc.) that proves that you are a resident in the country.

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The health insurance covers medical expenses (reimbursement of health care) for insured persons and their minor dependents and financial benefits (daily sickness allowance in case of temporary incapacity for work) for the insured person.

The reimbursement of medical acts performed or recommended by the general practitioner will be reimbursed at the ordinary rate, since the person concerned is covered by the compulsory health insurance. On the other hand, if the patient has not declared a general practitioner or if he/she consults a specialist directly, the reimbursement will be lower and the part of the expenses to be borne by the patient will be higher than if he/she had complied with the health care route.

The patient may consult a doctor other than the general practitioner in certain cases: medical emergency, absence of the general practitioner or his replacement, distance from home. Likewise, gynecologists, ophthalmologists and psychiatrists can be consulted directly without going through the general practitioner. In all cases, the consulted physician will mention the corresponding situation on the assistance form.

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