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How much does a travel insurance to europe cost?

If it is a visit to a general practitioner (they work as private doctors and the consultations are never in hospitals or health centers), the cost is low. If we visit the dentist, it can be even profitable. But if we are admitted to a hospital the cost can be very high, firstly because we have to pay the money up front, and secondly because we will not be reimbursed for everything.

In any case, take all this information as a suggestion and a reminder. Prevention is always better than cure. Our function is to inform so that each tourist can then choose the solution that he/she considers appropriate for his/her trip.

There are customized packs for families, for backpackers, for students, large travelers or even trip cancellation insurance. A wide range that you can study by clicking on the link below. If you need travel insurance and book it through the link below, you will have a special discount of 5% compared to the price on the IATI website.

International travel insurance

To consult the list of cities that lift the use of the mask, click on the following link:

All travelers arriving to Colombia by sea, whether they have a complete or partial vaccination schedule, must also present a negative PCR test less than 72 hours before the scheduled boarding.

Foreign travelers who do not comply with the health conditions for entry are automatically placed in administrative detention and then returned to their country of origin by the Colombian immigration authorities.

For health regulations concerning entry into the territory of another country, travelers are invited to consult the “travel advice” section of the website of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs:

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France is one of the most popular destinations for tourists, both from Europe and the rest of the world. Its infrastructure and the large number of places to visit, make this country one of the best places to spend a vacation, either as a couple or with the whole family.

If we are going to visit France, it is advisable to do it with a good budget because the costs are higher than in Mexico. We must also pay attention to our belongings because, although the crime rate is quite low, there are some regions where thefts do occur. For these situations it is advisable to get information about travel insurance to France to be more secure.

We will also have to take a series of precautions to prevent health problems, especially if we are going to visit forest areas. For what to count on a medical insurance to travel to France is also highly advisable.

France is a country of Europe located in the western zone of the continent, this country enjoys great popularity as tourist destination, because it has great attractions for the visitor in the different places of the country, being Paris one of the most visited destinations.

Travel insurance for travel to france

But the list of places to visit in France is extensive so, if your schedule allows, spend several weeks touring the country will be a success. But what do you need to know about this destination as close as seductive? Do you need health insurance to travel to France? And take out travel insurance? If you are thinking of making France the backdrop for your vacation, here are a few key points.

As you can see, unlike the national health system, health care in France is not 100% free. Co-payment is a widespread practice, with singularities for residents that, in the case of tourists, are also applicable. One of the main recommendations for anyone planning to travel to France and belonging to the Schengen area member countries is to apply for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

This document gives the holder access to the health benefits he or she may need during the course of his or her trip (regardless of the reason for the trip), under the same conditions as any other French citizen. What does this mean? Well, if a French citizen has to pay for certain medical services or consultations, the holder of the EHIC will have to do the same.

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