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If you really want to enjoy the most beautiful cities in the south of France, our advice is to book an apartment in Nimes, Montpellier or Nice; although there is a wide range of accommodation possibilities in France, as there are numerous cities and towns to visit like the ones we have told you about. To avoid excessive prices and enjoy the greatest comfort, our advice is to look for a nice apartment or a spacious and cozy cottage.Rural corners to considerIf you are thinking of booking a rural getaway this 2018, in addition to the South of France, you can not miss these destinations.Take a look and you will see that you want to pack your bags already! Would you like to visit the South of France?and the rest of the recommendations?tell us your opinion!


Are you looking forward to a getaway in France? If so, you don’t have to go far. The south of France has some really spectacular places; places that you can travel to in your own vehicle. Some of them are well known – but not to be avoided – and others you may be discovering for the first time. For inspiration, we have selected nine proposals. You’ll be sure to keep some of them!

The perfume and the impressive color of its lavender fields, which stretch to infinity, have placed the Valensole plateau in a place of honor on the lavender routes of Provence. Flowering begins in mid-June, so now is an excellent time for a getaway in the heart of nature.

In addition to getting lost among fields of purple and blue tones, you can stroll through the old town of Valensole, a delightful little Provençal village, and move to its surroundings, where it is possible to visit farms, producers and artisans who use lavender, wheat, honey and olive oil to make their products.


If you have no other option but to travel in August you will have a hard time to go on your own and book accommodation the same night. The ideal would be to have the itinerary more or less closed and have reservations made at each of the points of the route. You will find all kinds of proposals with rural houses, beach hotels and functional hotels in the middle of the road.

The duration of this itinerary was 10 days and -looking back with the experience after the trip- I would change several things. We did about 2,000 kilometers and slept in different places every night except for Antibes where we rested two nights at a friend’s house.

For a trip of these characteristics it is essential to rent a good car to be comfortable and have all the necessary security. Through our favorite search engine you will find the best deals on the market.

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This route by car is perfect, whether you leave directly from home with yours or you prefer to fly (for example to Toulouse) and rent one there, to travel five days or a week, depending on the dedication you want to put into each of the stops. It is an ideal getaway for any long weekend, or if you want to combine it with a city like Narbonne or Bordeaux, it is enough for a trip of seven or ten days.

Carcassonne, known worldwide for its historical and architectural attraction, is a French must. It is enough to go through some of its ancient gates to see that inside, its medieval citadel is still as full of life as it was centuries ago. If only those walls could speak!

Explore it both inside and outside its walls. Inside the walls you will find numerous restaurants, stores with local products and charming little squares. Outside, in addition to a more modern but very elegant city, you can enjoy one of the best views of the trip, the panoramic view from the river at sunset is an unmissable postcard, you will never forget it.

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