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The Consulate General of France in Mexico can grant visas to international students and researchers. However, given the complexity of the current context, visa delivery times will be longer than usual.

In all cases, it is essential to contact the international relations service of your university or school in France to receive support and updated information, and it is highly recommended to contact your airline a few days before your trip to confirm travel conditions.

Validate your long-stay visa with residence permit value (VLS-TS) upon arrival on the platform of the French Ministry of the Interior. Log on to:


On the governmental platform (in French) you will find general information on the restrictions in France, the measures taken and how to act correctly.

2. you are a national of the European Union or an equivalent country, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, Switzerland, San Marino or the Holy See and you have your principal residence in France or you must pass through France to reach your country of origin or residence, as well as your spouse (married, unmarried, cohabitant, upon presentation of the necessary documents) and your children;

3. you are a national of a third country, you hold a valid French or European residence permit or a long-stay visa and you have your principal residence in France or you are traveling through France to your principal residence, which is located in a country of the European Union or in another similar country;

5. you are a national of a third country holding a long-stay visa for family reunification or for the reunification of refugees, beneficiaries of subsidiary protection status and stateless persons;


TikTok: More information on the subject hereAdviceWe recommend you to read very carefully and in case you have additional doubts with the above information you can opt for our Private Advice service via Zoom.

PRIVATE ADVICE HERESituation in FranceSince the beginning of the crisis, the border health control system has made it possible to protect our health system and to delay the arrival on national territory of variants with worrying characteristics.

This system, which mobilized up to 6,000 members of the civil security forces each week to carry out tests, border guards to check the health documentation of travelers and internal security forces to control the isolation or quarantine measures decided by the prefects, has been regularly adapted to changes in the health situation and Community regulations.

To know the sanitary regulations concerning entry into the territory of another country, travelers are invited to consult the “travel advice” section of the website of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs:


Photo: iStock And you can’t forget that France is one of the artistic engines in Europe, with an endless number of museums and the most outstanding temporary exhibitions on the continent. That is why it is always advisable to consult the agenda of museums in Paris, where by the way reopened a few months ago the unique Albert Khan Photography Center. Outside the French capital we also highlight for this summer the exhibitions “La Gioconda, inverse exhibition”, at the Palais de la Bourse in Marseille, and “Picasso, the effervescence of forms”, at the Cité du Vin in Bordeaux.A good way to conclude the summer will be participating in the European Heritage Days, whose 39th edition will be held in 2022 on September 17 and 18. This is an opportunity to visit emblematic buildings in France, which will be exceptionally open on those days, offering guided tours and special events.

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