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The Galamus gorge is about 2 km long and is formed by the erosion of the Agly river that we can see at the bottom of the ravine all along the route. Leaving some impressive limestone rock walls rising vertically.  The road that crosses is circulable for vehicles, but these can not exceed 2.7m high and 2m wide. It is narrow and can be driven in both directions, which means that at some points the passage can be complicated if you meet another car in front of you, for vans like ours or for those who want to do the route on foot, at both ends of the gorge there are free parking lots to park. We parked in Parking No. 4.  In summer it becomes a more touristy area, since in addition to hiking you can practice other sports such as canyoning.

It was an old episcopal palace built between 1225 and 1306, which now houses the Toulouse-Lautrec museum. Inside you can see part of the work of this painter born in Albi as well as objects and paintings of other artists, before entering the museum, we can visit for free the beautiful gardens with a beautiful view of the river and the city.  If you are interested in making a visit the opening hours are:Between 1/10 to 31/05From 10am to 12:30pm and from 2pm to 6pm, except Mondays which are closed.Between 1/06 to 30/09Everyday from 10am to 6pm.  The entrance fee is 10 euros/person (to see the permanent and temporary collection)You can check the schedules and prices here.

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What happens if your camera or luggage is stolen? What happens if you get sick and have to do quarantine? What happens if you have to go to the hospital because of appendicitis or a sprained ankle? What if the airline loses your luggage and you are left without clothes? Who is going to pay for all this? I’m telling you: travel insurance

In this guide you will find everything you need to prepare your route through the South of France in the easiest and fastest way: complete route for 7 days, budget, tips, where to eat, where to sleep, car rental, what to see in the South of France etc … In short, all the details to make the best route by car in the South of France.

As always, when we start to organize a trip, and this route through the south of France, of course, was not going to be less, the first thing we do is to decide which are the places we want to visit to be able to organize the route in a simpler way. In this case, there were several towns that we had in mind for a long time as Rocamadour, Pau, Cahors or Saint Cirq Lapopie, so we organized the itinerary taking into account which areas we wanted to spend more time.

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Not only of Paris lives the tourism in France, the country is one of those that greater tourist points of interest offers, with each one of its departments or regions overturned in offering to the tourist the best of themselves.

Next we give you some interesting information and we detail you the articles that we have written of our trips to France, you have articles on cities or towns, and articles with practical information for your routes of trip for France.

Winter in France is ski season, with two strong points of visit, the Pyrenees, but especially the French Alps. It can be frankly difficult to find accommodation in the main ski resorts during the Christmas season.

With an excellent health network, we will not have to worry about health in France, beyond that we have that if we are citizens of the European Union, we must have processed the European Health Insurance Card, to have free health coverage during our trip to France.

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If you have no other option but to travel in August you will have a hard time to go on your own and book accommodation the same night. The ideal would be to have the itinerary more or less closed and have the reservations made in each of the points of the route. You will find all kinds of proposals with rural houses, beach hotels and functional hotels in the middle of the road.

The duration of this itinerary was 10 days and -looking back with the experience after the trip- I would change several things. We did about 2,000 kilometers and slept in different places every night except for Antibes where we rested two nights at a friend’s house.

For a trip of these characteristics it is essential to rent a good car to be comfortable and have all the necessary security. Through our favorite search engine you will find the best deals on the market.

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