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What to visit in France in 7 days


If you really want to enjoy the most beautiful cities in the south of France, our advice is to book an apartment in Nimes, Montpellier or Nice; although there is a wide range of possibilities for accommodation in France, as there are numerous cities and towns to visit like the ones we have told you about. To avoid excessive prices and enjoy the greatest comfort, our advice is to look for a nice apartment or a spacious and cozy cottage.Rural corners to considerIf you are thinking of booking a rural getaway this 2018, in addition to the South of France, you can not miss these destinations.Take a look and you will see that you want to pack your bags already! Would you like to visit the South of France?and the rest of the recommendations?tell us your opinion!

20 places to visit in france

In the heart of the Pacific, the Atlantic or the Indian Ocean, set off to discover France at the other end of the world, through its overseas destinations spread over the three oceans: a delightful blend of sun and French flair where authenticity and joie de vivre reign supreme! Exoticism guaranteed for nature lovers, a sure hit for lovers, total satisfaction for culture and gastronomy lovers… and activities for everyone in breathtaking locations. Ideal destinations when winter sets in, as they also benefit from all the advantages of France. For a few days or a few weeks, try the France of escape!

What cities to visit in France

You know that I love France, and whenever I can, I make getaways with the family to know its corners, its castles, its medieval villages, and its great cities. The truth is that I am lucky to say that I know many of them, so now that Easter is coming, I have decided to recommend you some of these destinations so that you can organize your family vacations.

The perfect combination: a couple of days in the French theme park Puy du Fou, and a modern city like Nantes. Both places are very close, and it is the ideal plan to spend 5 days of vacation with the family coinciding for example with Easter.

I have just discovered this destination, as we have been there just a couple of months ago, and what can I tell you about these beautiful medieval villages like out of a fairy tale, they are really beautiful! I still have to write a lot about this destination in the French Dordogne, but you can already enjoy a preview with several published posts, one about my general impressions and another one about Rocamadour.

10 best places in france

Many people immediately picture Paris when they think of France. While the country’s capital is a beautiful city filled with neoclassical architecture and some of the country’s most recognizable monuments (e.g., the Eiffel Tower), there is much more to see throughout the country than just one city.

5 of the best and cheapest cities to live in FranceMontpellier. Montpellier via Ana Rey, CC BY-SA 2.0 Montpellier is a popular and generally affordable city in the south of France.Marseille. If you want the big city atmosphere, but aren’t willing to put up with Parisian prices, then Marseille is your best option as for France is Grenoble. Lille. Nantes.

Cities in France – most beautiful cities and towns to visit in France. 1. Paris. Paris is by far the most popular tourist destination in France. It is considered one of the most romantic places on the planet. The Eiffel Tower is just one of the many incredible attractions of this city.

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