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In Tours, a city described as “art and history” you can admire medieval monuments and narrow streets around the Plumereau square. The city is full of passages, towers with exterior staircases, hidden courtyards and is a good start for the visit of the great Loire Valley.

The Château de Blois, former medieval fortress of the Counts of Blois has hosted throughout its history more than ten queens and seven kings of France, is an amalgam of styles, art collections and precious furniture.

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On the first day, our guides will be waiting for you at the airport and will transfer you to your hotel. Once there, the day will be completely free, although our guides will be happy to provide information about where to go, what to visit and how to get around the city.

On the second day, after breakfast at the hotel in Paris, we will visit Versailles, where we will enjoy the palace and the beautiful gardens, where the Sun King, symbol of French absolutism, lived. Then we will take a guided tour of Paris, visiting all the places of interest, from the Arc de Triomphe to the Eiffel Tower, through the Seine and the Louvre Museum, among many other places of great tourist importance. In the evening we will visit the bohemian district of Montmartre, after which we will return to the hotel.

After breakfast at the hotel, you will be left free time to continue discovering the magnificent capital of France on your own, although, as always, our guides will be happy to recommend some visits or excursions to make. Optionally, and at a price not included in the tour package, you can visit the Louvre Museum, as well as the Latin Quarter, with its impressive cathedral, and take a stroll along the Seine River, with the option of boarding a boat.

Sites north of france

France is the country of Art, so it has a great offer of museums, galleries and splendid buildings waiting for you; inside Paris, delight yourself with a walk on the famous Seine or along the Champs Elysées, without forgetting to visit the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower.

Traveling can be done in many ways, not only with guides or group tours, but there is also the possibility of traveling at your own pace, in a free way, you will not depend on routes or schedules, you decide at all times.

We also have the option to make trips without buying the flight with us; find the cheapest flight from your country or city of origin and select the circuit that best suits you and that’s it! you can travel at your leisure.

Then you already know that we have several options for you even if the trip is “at your leisure”, they are equally comfortable trips and for those who like a previous organization, but still want to organize their time.

Travel all over France and make that trip you always wanted; organized trips for families, for lovers or even singles. Don’t worry in Kerala Travel we have all kinds of trips that you can love.


Once considered one of the most important ports in northern France, dominated by the silhouette of its church it forms a truly charming ensemble. Today it is a picturesque and charming village marked by a long maritime past.    It is a member of the association of the most beautiful villages of France, and we can not debate it. Its landscape is characterized by greenish houses of gray granite and slate, as well as sandy and rocky beaches that invite you to escape by taking a relaxing stroll. Be sure to visit the parish of San Nicolas and its marine cemetery built on the site where the Romanesque church was destroyed. Near the village is the point of Barfleur, where stands a lighthouse 71 meters high.

The beautiful city of Boulogne Sur Mer presents a beastly cultural heritage, a special title of City of Art and History endorses it. Nowadays it is totally walled, it seems that time has not passed in it, and its fishing port was the first one built in France. It is also famous for its gastronomy, based mainly on local fish. Its privileged location next to the English Channel, makes this charming town in northern France a must stop. One of its most characteristic tourist attractions is the citadel, the place chosen by Emperor Julius Caesar for the Roman occupation. Another emperor, Napoleon, had a palace built next to the cathedral, in the old part of the city. And while you are in the area, take the opportunity to take pictures from this point, one of the most spectacular panoramic views of the area.

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