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About 45 airports connect the different cities of France. From Paris Orly or Paris Charles de Gaulle, the Parisian airports, you can reach Nice, Toulouse, Lyon, Marseille, Strasbourg or Bordeaux in little more than an hour.

Visiting the hinterland of the Toulouse region or touring the Breton heathlands is even easier by car. If you hold a driving license obtained in Europe or an international license if you are not European, you can drive in France.

Do you have your own car? You have the right to bring it to France and drive it. However, after six months of stay, you will have to apply for an international license and your vehicle will have to pass a technical inspection.

Requirements for travel to France 2022

Be careful, there are fewer and more spaced out exits, so if you make a mistake and instead of going to Rennes, you go to Nantes, you may have to drive 10 or 15 kilometers before you can change direction.

You can move by car, train or bus. But another option is to rent a motorhome or campervan in France, to make a road trip with the house on your back in a very safe country and with many well equipped campsites where you can spend the night. Reserve your motorhome or campervan in advance and pick it up in the main cities and airports of France. To rent a motorhome or campervan in France, click here.

The jewel of the République, the TGV (Train de Grande Vitesse), pioneer in high speed is the key instrument to travel quickly and comfortably across the country. It is also an idea to take it to visit London, from Paris it takes only 2 hours and a half.

The train is, in any case, indispensable if you want, from Paris, to visit Amiens, Orleans, Strasbourg, Rennes, Futuroscope, Lille, Normandy, Lorraine, London, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium or Holland.

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PARIS – THE PARIS METRO As in most big cities, the best way to get to know Paris is walking, but it is always necessary to take a means of transportation to save time or to move directly from the hotel to a specific place. In Paris the Metro is the favorite and recommended means of transportation.  It has 16 lines and 4 others under construction, 303 stations and 219 kilometers of tracks, it is the third largest subway train system in Europe (after London and Madrid) and Parisians boast that the longest distance between stations is usually no more than 500 meters (although in practice this is not so true, because you can walk up to 2km below the ground to make connections or get from the door to the platform).

What to see and do in Paris in 3 days . A guide to organize and plan a 3-day visit to the capital of France . The best things to visit in Paris . 3 days with maps and detailed tours of Paris.

Travel to france covid

On March 14, 2022, the presentation of the vaccination passport in those places where it was required (leisure and cultural centers, commercial catering, trade fairs and professional shows, etc.) ceased to be compulsory. Similarly, the health passport ceased to be in force on August 1, 2022.

Since the beginning of the crisis, the health control system has made it possible to preserve our health system and to delay the arrival on French territory of variants with worrying characteristics. This system ceased to be in force on August 1, 2022.

However, in the event of the emergence of a dangerous variant, the entry into French territory of travelers from countries considered to be at risk could again be subject to the presentation of a negative virological test.

For information on health regulations concerning entry into the territory of other countries, please consult the Travel Advice section of the website of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.

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