How to travel by train in france

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The strategic location of the train stations means that you don’t waste time or money before starting your trip. The high speed train takes you directly to the center of the cities.  In addition, several frequencies a day connect the various destinations, so France is more accessible than ever.

The train is not only a means of transportation, it is the beginning of your trip, of your vacation. During the journey you can relax, enjoy the scenery, stretch your legs or read a good book. It is a time of leisure and pleasure that you can dedicate to what you like the most.

Free wifi service on board for all international customers. Access to a wide range of content to make your train journey even more enjoyable. See all the information about this service as well as the available content.

The comfortable and spacious seats are equipped with electrical outlets for the use of different devices, you also have a table in each seat so you can have your own space during the trip.

Train from france to italy

Traveling from the city of light to the wine region in just over two hours is possible thanks to the TGV. Have breakfast at Paris’ Montparnasse station and you’ll be enjoying Bordeaux’s Gothic architecture before lunchtime.Paris-NiceTravel time: 6h 06min.

While it’s hard to get bored in Paris, you might be in the mood for the nice weather and the squares of the south of France. We understand. If that’s the case, take the TGV that connects Paris’ Gare de Lyon station directly to Nice-Ville.Paris-StrasbourgTravel time: 2h 07min.

When you get off the train in Strasbourg after a two-hour trip from Paris, you won’t believe you’re still in the same country. The influence of German culture is so strong in this charming French city that you’ll just want to eat sausages and sauerkraut.What to visit in FranceDid you know that France is the most visited country in the world? It is for many reasons. The main one: France has it all. Whatever your plan, in France you can spend your vacation swimming in the sea, hiking, skiing or enjoying its many cultural attractions.

Train routes in france

But it is also the most comfortable way to travel, linking the center of the cities through its trains equipped with all the services to make the journey relaxing and pleasant. They have free wifi and electrical outlets at each seat in case we want to enjoy our favorite series. Even, if we want to have a drink while we pass through the landscapes of France, we have the cafeteria car.

Narbonne, a port city founded by the Romans, is ideal for touring on foot, by bicycle or even by boat, through the Canal de la Robine, an ancient passage of the Aude river. The remains of the Roman road Via Domitia, once a meeting place for merchants, are now lined with terraces. In addition, the Archbishops’ Palace Museum or the Cathedral of Saint-Just and Saint-Pasteur confirm its importance during the medieval period.

Béziers also evokes key moments of the past, such as the Albigensian Crusade, which had here one of its most bloody episodes of siege against the Cathars. Highlights include the medieval bridge that crosses the Orb River, with the Saint-Nazaire Cathedral in the background, and the nine locks of Fonserannes, the most emblematic work of the Canal du Midi (declared a World Heritage Site in 1996), whose creator Pierre-Paul Riquet was a native of the city.

Travel from spain to france by train

Save a train is a company that digitized and revolutionized rail ticketing. Visit their website, compare train fares, choose the train line, and the type of seat you want. You can pay with your credit card or even bitcoin. In case the price of your train ticket drops, the platform will let you know and help you exchange it for a lower price.

Wgallina by accessing the official website of French railroads, you will most likely be redirected to, which is the official North American partner of French railroads. However, you will not always find the cheapest fares from Rail Europe. Therefore, you should always pay attention that the cheapest train route fares are on Save A Train.

There are two ways to buy train tickets at the French station – from a ticket office and at the vending machine. English speakers can buy them either way, but if your English is not very good and you can’t communicate with the person at the ticket office well, the vending machine is the best option. It is easy to navigate, and you can even change your language settings. Buying tickets from the vending machine requires a chip & PIN for the credit card.

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