How to travel around france without a car

How to travel within France


Most major French cities have a self-service bike rental system: Vélib’ in Paris, Vélov’ in Lyon or Vélo Bleu in Nice. An annual subscription (between 15 and 30 euros on average) is the easiest way to take advantage of this service.

In Paris, Neuilly-sur-Seine and Levallois, residents can also use an electric scooter on a self-service basis. There is no subscription: travel is billed by the minute. There is also no key or ID, everything is done via your smartphone.

In France, cabs are safe. Do not hesitate to use them for your trips. The fares charged are strictly regulated by law and are quite high compared to the international average. All cabs must be equipped with a taximeter that measures the fare. If they don’t, they are fake cabs that you should avoid without hesitation.

If you hold a driving license obtained in Europe or an international license if you are not European, you can drive in France. You can also use your personal vehicle in France. However, if you stay more than six months, you will have to apply for an international permit and have your vehicle inspected.

How to travel in france

How to get around France. If we plan to travel France on our own, by train, by bus, by car organizing our own routes through unknown villages, or exploring regions. The essential doubts prior to the trip undoubtedly include the question of what is the best way to move around France, and in this post I will develop tips and proposals to solve this question.

In the blog and in my trips I almost always choose this style of travel: organized on my own, on my own, usually in a rental car exploring routes and roads. You should know that if you ask me for a recommendation, this is for me the best way to travel and explore with freedom, improvising on the road and discovering what sometimes we didn’t even foresee.

What I usually do when I travel by rental car in France (or what I did in my various trips) is to arrive in a major city near the region to explore, stay a few days there to get to know that city, and then rent a car to continue along the route. Let me give you an example: we arrive in France landing on a flight that leaves us in Paris. If it is our first time in Paris, we stay a few days in this city (you can start by reading this guide of 71 things to see in Paris to get an idea of what to expect in this city).

Travel to france requirements

Paris thrills, surprises and takes your breath away. And it is one of the cities that tourists put at the top of their wishlists. For all this it is normal that, when we land there for the first time, we make rookie mistakes carried away by the impulse and by the desire that make us waste time, money and, sometimes, even make us ‘fall out of love’ with it. With this list of ten ‘anti-advice’ you will know what not to do when you arrive for the first time in the French capital so you don’t pay the piper.Don’t miss our proposal of Paris in 48 hours.

It is one of the most beautiful avenues of the city, connecting the Arc de Triomphe and the Place de la Concorde. It is certainly worth a stroll along this splendid street of almost two kilometers, in whose upper part, closest to the arch, are some of the most luxurious restaurants, galleries and stores in the city. But beware! Don’t even think of passing by the shop windows of these stores: what were once all ‘glamour’ today have no charm at all and many of the stores are full of massive groups of tourists, besides the fact that you will spend your entire salary on products that will have no charm and you won’t even need them.

Transport in France price

The strategic location of the train stations means that you don’t waste time and money before starting your trip. The High Speed trains take you directly to the city centers.  In addition, several frequencies a day connect the various destinations, making France more accessible than ever.

The train is not only a means of transportation, it is the beginning of your trip, of your vacation. During the journey you can relax, enjoy the scenery, stretch your legs or read a good book. It is a time of leisure and pleasure that you can dedicate to what you like the most.

Free wifi service on board for all international customers. Access to a wide variety of content to make your train journey even more enjoyable. See all the information about this service as well as the available content.

The comfortable and spacious seats are equipped with electrical outlets for the use of different devices, you also have a table in each seat so you can have your own space during the trip.

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