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We have discovered it for our next trip to Andorra. We don’t have roaming there. We can use the hotel Wifi but when we are on the ski slopes we will use the Holafly SIM card.

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This discount is only valid for new users, with accommodation for more than 65€ (not per night, but the complete reservation). The discount is made automatically when you make the reservation.

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Holafly france

All over the planet, people can get their hands on different types of SIM cards for phones. We can say that they are highly necessary tools to be able to communicate, so we can’t not have one of them. Therefore, we will talk about the SIM card to have internet in France, an easy solution for those who do not want to lose the connection on their trip, or rent a portable Wifi.

This is a topic that may be of interest, especially for those people who want to travel and spend a few days visiting that country. Whether you go to the Eiffel Tower or walk through the famous gardens of the capital, you can not miss your main means of communication to communicate with whoever you need.

There are several options for buying your SIM card before traveling to France. However, there is one that is quite striking and that will undoubtedly serve you for many more destinations in the future. We are talking about HolaFly, which with its online store is available to everyone in a matter of a click.

Unlimited data prepaid card france

The best thing about Holafly is that they have cards for many countries around the world, from the United States to Japan, through the countries of Southeast Asia, South America or Europe. And most of them also offer unlimited data, so you don’t have to keep an eye on what you’re doing to make sure you don’t spend too much.

We recommend Holafly because we have used their cards on a lot of occasions (in New Zealand, New York, Jordan, Switzerland, Mexico…) and in all cases they have worked great. What we like the most is that we can have internet from the moment we land in the destination country.

Holafly’s operation is simple, you just request the SIM for the country you are going to travel to and they will send the card to your home in 72 hours for free (if you need it faster you can request it for the next day paying shipping costs).

Buy french sim in spain

We will give you details on how they work and where to get them easily. We will also compare them with other options to connect to the Internet such as Pocket Wifi and the new virtual SIM or eSIM.

An international SIM card is one that allows you to use its Internet services, text messages and calls in several countries. It can be segmented by continents or work by zones.

It is important to keep in mind that there are different versions of cell phones, such as: Global Version, American Version, China, etc. If you buy your mobile online from stores like Amazon, from the chat you can also find out which version you have and if it will work in the destination country such as the United States, Mexico, Japan, China and many more countries around the world.

Buying an international SIM card will help you avoid paying that expensive roaming fee no matter where you travel to. Keep in mind that each operator has classified the countries by zones and depending on where you are traveling they will charge you a different rate.

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