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Como organizar un viaje a parís


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Usted tiene la opción de rastrear su pedido, al hacer la compra eligiendo la entrega de primera clase. Esta opción actualmente sólo está disponible para el Reino Unido. Si no compra la entrega de primera clase, su pedido se enviará por Royal Mail de segunda clase, que normalmente tarda de 2 a 3 días laborables en ser entregado.

Disponemos de un plazo de 21 días después de la estimación de la entrega que aparece en la notificación de envío para ayudarle con los problemas relacionados con el pedido. Si no te pones en contacto con nosotros dentro de este plazo, no podremos ayudarte.

Nuestros gastos de envío son una tarifa plana para los listados, si usted compra 1 hoja o 50, no va a pagar extra por eso. En los gastos de envío incluimos también el coste del cartero, el precio puede ser diferente si el mailler es más pequeño o más grande.

Si el artículo no se devuelve en su estado original, el comprador será responsable de cualquier pérdida de su valor. El vendedor paga los gastos de envío de la devolución. Escríbele para obtener más información.

Getting to know paris in 5 days

If you are planning to travel to Paris on your next vacation and want to make sure it is the place you are looking for, you are in the right place. Here you will find all the information you need to organize your stay in detail and enjoy your time in France.

In this website you will find all the details about the city of Paris, so when you know what you should not miss. We leave you here a detailed guide to Paris to help you plan in detail your vacation in this city.

As sometimes it is very stressful to plan the day of our vacation, we have developed this site to help you in this task. You will find tips for sightseeing in Paris, with ideas, recommendations and tricks that will give you an enhanced travel experience.

While there are many reasons to visit Paris, not all of us share them. Everyone must find their own explanations when deciding on this destination. However, taking into account what others think when they choose this destination can help guide you to discover whether or not it is the right city for you. If you want to know some of the arguments why you should visit this wonderful city, take a look at the four reasons we present here.

Planning a trip to paris

There are so many throughout France, including the Mediterranean coast of southern France. sights to discover that one quickly becomes overwhelmed when planning a trip. What places are really worth seeing? What should I visit if I have limited time? Therefore, I once auf put together my very personal ten-day round trip along the French Mediterranean coast, including the French Riviera. I chose Nice as the starting point and Marseille for the end of the trip. You can also add other parameters such as areas of interest, pace of sightseeing und den context of the trip to France such as scheduling a family vacation.

I was really surprised how easy it was. In just a few seconds, the system sent me my entire personal tour of the South of France compiled according to my interests and wishes, which you can read here. Of course, the trip planner also works for many other regions of France, such as this Department of Haute-Savoie. All you have to do is set the starting point and the end point of your trip, and you’re done. Planning your vacation in France begin.

What to visit in France in 5 days

The famous city of love will seduce you at every step you take. Stroll around the Eiffel Tower and have a glass of wine on the banks of the Seine River. Visit the artistic district of Montmartre, where famous painters such as Picasso, Dali and Van Gogh used to work. Here you will also see the whitewashed Sacré-Coeur Basilica, the second most famous church in Paris after the hunchback’s refuge, Notre Dame.

The city is also a paradise for culture lovers, who can spend days touring the wonderful collection of the Louvre Museum. To add a chic touch to your trip, go shopping in the Champs Elysées stores during the day and visit the spectacular Paris Opera House at night.

For the ultimate in splendor, visit the impressive Palace of Versailles, a symbol of ostentation that was the royal palace for two centuries until the French Revolution. Stroll through the gardens of Versailles and follow in the footsteps of Louis XIV, the infamous Sun King.

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