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Requirements for travel to France in 2022 and health passport


About 45 airports connect the different cities of France. From Paris Orly or Paris Charles de Gaulle, the Parisian airports, you can reach Nice, Toulouse, Lyon, Marseille, Strasbourg or Bordeaux in just over an hour.

Visiting the hinterland of the Toulouse region or touring the Breton heathlands is even easier by car. If you hold a driving license obtained in Europe or an international license if you are not European, you can drive in France.

Do you have your own car? You have the right to bring it to France and drive it. However, after six months of stay, you will have to apply for an international license and your vehicle will have to pass a technical inspection.

Travel to Paris France 2022 – Vaccination pass and requirements

A health pass is no longer required in France, with the exception of certain situations. Are travelers affected by these scenarios? Do you need a pass to return to France after your vacation?  We take stock.

In France, the state of health emergency officially ended on July 31, 2022 .  Therefore, it will no longer be possible to use all the exceptional devices authorized by this measure.  The curfew, the confinement or the health pass can no longer be reinstated, at least not without a new exceptional vote of the Parliament.

Therefore, the health pass is ruled out.  Until Sunday, July 31, it was still in demand in hospitals and health centers.  It can now be stored in the back of the closet.  However, do not get rid of it right away!

You remember, the health pass has long been required to travel and cross borders.  From now on, this document will no longer be necessary to enter France from a foreign country.  If you go on vacation, you do not need to present this pass to return home… With two exceptions.

I arrived in FRANCE I Requirements for tourists 2021.

Finally, we remind you that the final decision to allow entry into France (including that of nationals of countries that do not require a visa) is the sole discretion of French immigration officials at their airports or sea ports of entry.

Connecting travel in France:- Connections are possible for a maximum of 24 hours – For persons who are not vaccinated or do not have a compelling reason to enter France, they must remain in the international transit zone of Charles de Gaulle airport until their connecting flight – In such cases, travel between airports (Orly-Charles de Gaulle or other) is not authorized for connecting travel.

Health pass for travelers in France

The rules for entry, visas and travel permits are constantly changing due to the worldwide health crisis caused by the Coronavirus and it has become a headache to know the requirements needed to visit certain places or countries.

If you are planning to visit this country, you should know that you need to meet two sets of requirements to enjoy your stay: the entry requirements and those necessary to be able to go to restaurants, museums and other attractions.

In case you do not have this option, the tourist office in France suggests you to get vaccinated in that country by registering at However, you should know that after getting the shot, seven days must pass before the pass can be activated.

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