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Whether you are working, unemployed, a resident or a pensioner, if you are insured (or entitled) under the social security system of an EU Member State, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, you may be entitled to coverage of the costs of health care received in France because it has become medically necessary.

This card guarantees access to health care providers established in France, without having to make any prior formalities with the local French authority. Benefits are provided under the same conditions as those provided for insured persons under the French system.

Note: If you have forgotten or lost your card, if it has been stolen or if you do not have it (the issuance of the card has taken longer than usual or is temporarily impossible), the Social Security Virtual Office can issue a Provisional Replacement Certificate (CPS). This certificate, which is valid for a limited period of time, can be used under the same conditions as the TSE.

Covid europe travel insurance

If it is a visit to a general practitioner (they operate as private doctors and the consultations are never in hospitals or health centers), the cost is low. If we visit the dentist, it may even be cost effective. But if we are admitted to a hospital the cost can be very high, firstly because we have to pay the money up front, and secondly because we will not be reimbursed for everything.

In any case, take all this information as a suggestion and a reminder. Prevention is always better than cure. Our function is to inform so that each tourist can then choose the solution that he/she considers appropriate for his/her trip.

There are customized packs for families, for backpackers, for students, large travelers or even trip cancellation insurance. A wide range that you can study by clicking on the link below. If you need travel insurance and book it through the link below, you will have a special discount of 5% compared to the price on the IATI website.

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The other problem is that you have to advance the money, 100%, and then apply to the Ministry of Health or the Autonomous Community for reimbursement, which in case of having been treated in France will be between 60 and 80%. In the case of serious hospitalization the reimbursement can cover between 80 and 100% depending on the case. In all cases there is a non-refundable deductible. The cost will not be high if we go to the family doctor, but hopefully we will not be operated on because in addition to the bad luck we would have to pay a lot and above all advance the money.

Travel insurance is adapted to the needs of each traveler, depending on their country of origin, the coverage they want to have, the type of trip. There are insurances that for little more than 30€ give a coverage of 30.000€ but there are those for longer trips, for families, for students… Even traveling in Europe can save us time and money, and above all the problems of having to advance the money and to carry out the procedures to recover it later.    Coverage can reach up to 200.000€ and includes telephone assistance, family travel and other services. No matter if we are backpackers or traveling with family, all options are covered, and we will avoid advance money and our trip will be problematic.

How much does a travel insurance to europe cost?

But the list of places to visit in France is extensive so, if your schedule allows it, spending several weeks touring the country will be a success. But what do you need to know about this destination that is as close as it is seductive? Do you need medical insurance to travel to France? And what about taking out travel insurance? If you are thinking of making France the backdrop for your vacation, here are a few key points.

As you can see, unlike the national health system, health care in France is not 100% free. Co-payment is a widespread practice, with singularities for residents that, in the case of tourists, also apply. One of the main recommendations for anyone planning to travel to France and belonging to the Schengen area member countries is to apply for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

This document gives the holder access to the health benefits he or she may need during the course of his or her trip (regardless of the reason for the trip), under the same conditions as any other French citizen. What does this mean? Well, if a French citizen has to pay for certain medical services or consultations, the holder of the EHIC will have to do the same.

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