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Places in france

France is the country of Art, so it has a great offer of museums, galleries and splendid buildings waiting for you; inside Paris, delight yourself with a walk on the famous Seine or along the Champs Elysees, without forgetting to visit the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower.

Traveling can be done in many ways, not only with guides or group tours, but there is also the possibility of traveling at your own pace, in a free way, you will not depend on routes or schedules, you decide at all times.

We also have the option to make trips without buying the flight with us; find the cheapest flight from your country or city of origin and select the circuit that best suits you and that’s it! you can travel at your leisure.

Then you already know that we have several options for you even if the trip is “at your leisure”, they are equally comfortable trips and for those who like a previous organization, but still want to organize their time.

Travel all over France and make that trip you always wanted; organized trips for families, for lovers or even singles. Don’t worry in Kerala Travel we have all kinds of trips that you can love.

Tourism in France

Students can demonstrate their understanding of important facts and features of a country by creating a mock travel brochure! This poster template allows students to include images and words to describe the geography, climate, government, industry, and important destinations within France, although it can be used for any country, city, or state! They can include information about popular foods and pastimes-students can report on modern France or they can create a travel brochure that is representative of a different time period!

Using Photos for Class or uploading images to Storyboard Creator to use in their brochures will add a realistic touch! Although the example shows only one side of the brochure, students should complete both the inside and outside (2 cells) – they can even print them out afterwards and fold them!

All storyboards and images are private and secure. Teachers can see all of their students’ storyboards, but students can only see their own. No one else can see anything. Teachers can choose to reduce security if they wish to allow sharing.

Tourism paris

Paris is the capital of France and one of the most visited cities in Europe -and the world-, it has more than one reason to be visited. Perhaps it is because it offers the wonderful Eiffel Tower, its endless subway network, or its walks along the Seine River, for its language or for the great amount of history in every step and corner. Or maybe because Paris is a place we can’t miss at least once in a lifetime.  With this guide you will be able to visit the “City of Love” more than once.

In the capital of France there are hundreds of places of interest, from the most popular and well-known to the most remote and specific. A good idea to make the most of your stay, especially for those going for a few days, is to buy a pass (Paris Museum Pass) to be able to enter 60 museums and monuments in 2, 4 and 6 days and also not to wait in line.

Plane: The most important airport is Charles de Gaulle, but there are also two airports (which usually connect with European cities and low cost airlines). They are Orly and Beauvais. However, the easiest way to get to the center is with the first of the three. I suggest you the cheap flights search engine to find good deals.

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