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Not only Paris lives tourism in France, the country is one of the most interesting tourist attractions, with each of its departments or regions dedicated to offer tourists the best of themselves.

Next we give you some interesting information and we detail you the articles that we have written of our trips to France, you have articles on cities or towns, and articles with practical information for your routes of trip for France.

Winter in France is ski season, with two strong points of visit, the Pyrenees, but especially the French Alps. It can be frankly difficult to find accommodation in the main ski resorts during the Christmas season.

With an excellent health network, we will not have to worry about health in France, beyond that we have that if we are citizens of the European Union, we must have processed the European Health Insurance Card, to have free health coverage during our trip to France.

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A spectacular nature, a long and flowery history, monuments of all civilizations and ages and a solid and hopeful present -despite the problems that affect the whole world-. A country full of glamour and technology, voila la France!

A country confronted with the dilemma of globalization, of which its philosophers and politicians have always been good advocates. France today is reluctant to lose a cultural specificity of which it has been proud and, once again, a flag, this time to mark, perhaps, a superiority within egalitarianism, a sort of primus inter pares.

And yet, one cannot deny all the good that France has shown us, even before being France. The French Revolution served to create the France of today and has served as a point of reference for millions of people who have sought to emancipate themselves from chains of all kinds, including French colonial chains. Strict secularism also developed as an element of identity in the hexagon, and this, however, we have not learned too well. Today it should be a world maxim and not a French specificity.

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8 commentsParis is much more than the Eiffel Tower, the Seine and the Louvre. That’s for sure. And that’s why, once you have already checked all the must-see places in Paris, I recommend you to take an excursion to the surroundings so you don’t stay with the thorn of only knowing the city of love. Here are the best excursions from Paris to know a little more of the country.

50 commentsAlsace is a fairytale place. Its film villages with that special architecture are more than enough reason to make a road trip through this area of France that is becoming more and more famous. Recently, a friend of mine, who was very keen to travel to this French region, asked me what were the must-see places in Alsace.

26 commentsI really wanted to resume my stories about Alsace in the blog, this area of France that seems to be taken out of a fairy tale. We visited this region during Easter, but we are really a bit “upside down” because the best time to visit is at Christmas. If your summer vacations are over and you need some inspiration for your next trip I suggest Alsace.

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Read on because here you will find everything you need to know to know if you can travel to France now, what measures are being followed and what interesting places you can include in your next European adventure.

As you can see, you’ll be able to travel to France right now and enjoy that vacation you’ve been looking forward to. The next step is to start planning, so you’re probably wondering which places are the most interesting and what you can’t miss in each of them. At IATI we advise you to focus on the south of the country and make a wonderful route by car that passes through destinations such as the following:

What are the must-sees? The Place du Capitole, where the town hall and the Opera House are located, is a must. Other interesting sites are the Place Victor Hugo market, the Jacobins Convent, the Basilica of St. Saturnin, the Cathedral of St. Etienne, the Hotel d’Assezat or the Musée des Agustins. Even so, what we recommend is to get lost in charming streets such as Rue Henri de Gorsse, Rue de Blanchers or Rue Sant-Antonie du T. and, of course, walk along the Garonne River and contemplate its bridges.

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