Can you travel from france to switzerland

Traveling to switzerland from france


Whether you are working, unemployed, a resident or a pensioner, if you are insured (or entitled) under the social security system of an EU Member State, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, you may be entitled to coverage of the costs of health care services received in France because they are medically necessary.

This card guarantees access to health care providers established in France, without having to make any prior formalities with the local French authority. Benefits are provided under the same conditions as those provided for insured persons under the French system.

Note: If you have forgotten or lost your card, if it has been stolen or if you do not have it (the issuance of the card has taken longer than usual or is temporarily impossible), the Social Security Virtual Office can issue a Provisional Replacement Certificate (CPS). This certificate, which is valid for a limited period of time, can be used under the same conditions as the TSE.

France to switzerland by plane

On March 14, 2022, the presentation of the vaccination passport in those places where it was required (leisure and cultural centers, commercial catering, trade fairs and professional shows, etc.) ceased to be compulsory. Similarly, the health passport ceased to be in force on August 1, 2022.

Since the beginning of the crisis, the health control system has made it possible to preserve our health system and to delay the arrival on French territory of variants with worrying characteristics. This system ceased to be in force on August 1, 2022.

However, in the event of the emergence of a dangerous variant, the entry into French territory of travelers from countries considered to be at risk could again be subject to the presentation of a negative virological test.

For information on health regulations concerning entry into the territory of other countries, please consult the Travel Advice section of the website of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.

How to go from paris to switzerland

France and Switzerland are undoubtedly among the most beautiful countries on the European continent. Most of us have heard and in other cases we have had the privilege of knowing some of its landscapes, emblematic monuments, and corners that only these two countries can offer us.

This service is also known as the TGV Paris Switzerland, and the route from France starts in Lyon, making the journey from the train station Gare de Lyon, and the station Gare de l’est which is located in the city of Paris. From there it goes to Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchatel and Bern (Switzerland).

This route is one of the most talked about by those who love to travel by train in Europe, since the journey made by the Lyria train is truly magical and there is the possibility of being surrounded by incredible landscapes. The natural beauty starts from the departure through the center of Paris to the Swiss Alps, and passes through scenery that is full of indescribable beauty.

Distance between paris and zurich switzerland

We leave for Aragon through the lands of Castile. In ZARAGOZA we stop briefly to visit the Basilica del Pilar. After lunch we continue to the Monastery of Poblet, surrounded by its walls, in a beautiful setting, is one of the best preserved medieval monasteries in the world (entrance fee included and guided tour). We then travel to the Monastery of Montserrat where we include a ride on the rack railway to appreciate the fantastic scenery. Continuation to BARCELONA, arrival at the end of the afternoon.

Between hills we travel to BERNE, capital of the Helvetic confederation and extraordinary medieval city. Time for a stroll and lunch. In the early afternoon we travel to France; beautiful landscapes of lakes and in the Franche-Comté. PARIS arrival at the end of the day.

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