Can u.s. citizens travel to france 2021

I arrived in Italy and these are my travel requirements


The government of France issued a decree Thursday that removed the United States and Israel from the countries’ “green” list to “orange,” effectively banning non-essential travel to France for unvaccinated visitors.

Denmark and the Netherlands have also recently updated their restrictions, requiring proof of vaccination for U.S. travelers. Meanwhile, Sweden has banned all arrivals from the U.S. regardless of vaccination status.

With the delta variant spreading across the United States, some countries, including Germany, had already begun restricting access to Americans prior to the EU recommendation. Others, such as Greece, insist they will remain open regardless of the traveler’s vaccination status.

Is it possible to travel to the United States in 2021

The holder of a working vacation visa is exempt from formalities upon arrival in France. They may remain in France for the entire duration of their visa without applying for a residence card. A work authorization is also not required for employment, except for New Zealand and Russian nationals.

Please contact the French consular authorities in your country of residence. To obtain a working/holiday visa, you must submit an application for a temporary long-stay visa or VLS-T. Consult the website of the French Embassy in the partner countries for the specific conditions for the granting of a working vacation visa in each country.

How will the passport affect Latin American travelers?

Citizens of El Salvador need a visa to travel to the United States.    A nonimmigrant visa is a permit to enter the United States, once approved it is placed in the passport, a travel document issued by the authorities of the applicant’s country. A U.S. visa allows you to travel to the United States, but does not guarantee your entry or determine the amount of time allowed for your stay. Immigration officers at the port of entry make those decisions.

Certain citizens of some countries (European and some Asian countries) may travel to the United States without a visa, if they meet certain requirements.    For more information about the Visa Waiver Program, please visit the following link.

Contact UsIf you have questions about the visa process or a specific case, you can contact our Visa Information Center at no additional cost. Our customer service representatives can assist you Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (CST) through the following means:

New rules for travel to the U.S.: only vaccinated travelers

International travel doesn’t have to be a hassle: just make sure you have all the necessary travel documents in order. If you are traveling internationally, you should make sure you have the proper documents to enter and cross all the countries included in your journey and to return home afterwards.

Before you travel, be sure to check the entry requirements for all the countries you will be visiting at their respective consulates. The responsibility for obtaining the proper documents for international travel is yours alone. If you do not have the required documents and identification certificates, you will not be allowed to board the aircraft and you will be responsible for any costs resulting from this prohibition.

Passports are required for all international travel. If you are traveling abroad, you need a passport to board the international flight and to enter the country. Card-type passports are not considered a valid form of identification for international air travel.

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