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What is the best travel insurance for europe?


To be fully protected, no matter what happens, a travel insurance will bring you peace of mind and comfort in case of any unforeseen event during your trip in France. Choose a complete coverage with the guarantee of a leading travel insurance brand.

In the same way, it is important to keep in mind that from late June to early September is the so-called high season, coinciding with the vacation period, where prices will not only be somewhat more expensive, but there will also be many more tourists.

On the other hand, France has an extensive railway network that connects all geographical points of the country easily and quickly. Visiting the SNCF, you can find the schedules and fares of all national trains.

Axa low cost travel insurance

With AXA Assistance you can choose between three types of AXA Schengen insurance, depending on the level of protection you want and the trips you want to cover. AXA Schengen Low Cost is a temporary Schengen travel insurance, which covers medical assistance (up to 30,000 euros in expenses) in the Schengen area, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Principality of Andorra and Monaco.

Your Schengen Visa insurance can be taken out in three types: Light (with medical expenses), Standard (which adds guarantees for luggage, extended stay, travel of a family member, and more) and Premium, which covers the same guarantees but increases the amounts.

Schengen travel insurance is, broadly speaking, medical insurance. However, it is not an ordinary health insurance, but one that offers very specific coverage. That is, to tourists who visit any country in the Schengen area and do not come from any of the 26 states that make it up:

This territory was created in 1995, following the Schengen Agreement. Having a Schengen travel insurance is a prerequisite for obtaining a visa to visit this area. Because the visa or Schengen visa, together with a valid passport, is the document that allows citizens of external countries to visit any of the 26 nations mentioned.

International travel insurance

Schengen Insurance: Schengen travel insurance allows us to obtain the certificate required to obtain your Schengen visa valid for a maximum period of 90 days. Should an illness or accident arise, AXA Assistance provides assistance, and organizes and will take care of your urgent care up to a maximum value of 30.000€. Being valid for Switzerland and Lichtenstein, it includes: Repatriation to the country of residence. Medical expenses in case of urgent hospitalization up to a maximum amount of €30,000. Urgent medical care.

Travel insurance: AXA Assistance offers “AXA Schengen Europe Travel” is a travel insurance for Europe, which issues the certificate required for the application for a Schengen visa. It covers the Schengen area and European countries such as the United Kingdom. Through this travel insurance, one can benefit from a comprehensive travel insurance. While the coverage – AXA Schengen Europe Travel – will cover the Schengen zone and the EU zone. Should an accident or illness arise, AXA Assistance will provide the necessary assistance, taking care of the urgent care needed up to a maximum value of €100,000.

Axa travel insurance

In this post we are going to answer all those questions (and a lot more that we are sure you are also asking yourself) and tell you which travel insurance best suits what you are looking for for your next adventure. Shall we start comparing travel insurance?

As always, to make this comparison of the best travel insurance, we have analyzed all those things that for us as users, are important when choosing a travel insurance: price, level of coverage during your stay abroad, variety in the type of insurance, whether or not to advance money, ease of contact, clarity in the terms and conditions and transparency of the web on the information on insurance.

The tables seem to us a great way to visualize much more easily what are the strengths and weaknesses of each of the travel insurances we want to talk about. Keep in mind that we are going to compare the most basic travel insurance from each of the brands. Of course, they all have more options that we will be breaking down a little further down in this same post

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