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France is one of the most popular destinations for tourists, both from Europe and the rest of the world. Its infrastructure and the large number of places to visit make this country one of the best places to spend a vacation, either as a couple or with the whole family.

If we are going to visit France, it is advisable to do it with a good budget because the costs are higher than in Mexico. We must also pay attention to our belongings because, although the crime rate is quite low, there are some regions where thefts do occur. For these situations it is advisable to get information about travel insurance to France to be more secure.

We will also have to take a series of precautions to prevent health problems, especially if we are going to visit forest areas. For what to count on a medical insurance to travel to France is also highly advisable.

France is a country of Europe located in the western zone of the continent, this country enjoys great popularity as tourist destination, because it has great attractions for the visitor in the different places of the country, being Paris one of the most visited destinations.

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If it is a priority or vital emergency, please go to the nearest clinic and call us from there to report your international assistance (you have up to 72 hours to report the emergency).

This coverage allows you to have medical assistance in case of accident or illness not pre-existing to the policy, emergency dentistry, ambulatory medications derived from the assistance and repatriations. Consult the coverage and limits in the following document:

If you have been treated by a medical professional, clinic or hospital in the United States, you may receive bills for emergency room charges, x-rays, specialized studies, etc., when you return to your home country.

If you receive medical bills during this time, you should send them to, so that we can verify their status in our records and confirm that there are no outstanding balances with the providers.

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This modality is intended for those who travel for pleasure and must be contracted on the same day the trip is booked. You can choose between 3 contracting options (Multi-risk, Assistance and Cancellation), and within them choose between Premium, Standard and Light versions, whose difference lies in the insured limits.

Vacaciones Anulación is the one that includes the least coverage, and also the most economical. It can be taken out in Premium and Standard versions and covers only cancellation expenses, up to 2,500 euros in the most basic version and up to 5,000 euros in the Premium version.

The Business Travel insurance can be taken out in its Multi-risk or Assistance version and is intended for a professional trip of one day or weeks. It must be taken out on the same day on which the trip is booked.

Among its coverages are transfer or repatriation, trip extension, medical expenses, legal defense and loss or destruction of luggage. It also has specific coverage for professionals, such as civil liability, accident capital and travel expenses of a substitute.

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Our assistance platforms have a vocation for the traveler, capable of handling the most complex cases and making them simpler and easier, providing them with the best possible solution. With a combination of technology and tradition, our agents closely monitor all cases through our digital tools, guaranteeing end-to-end control of claims.

We stand out for offering competitive services both globally and locally, adapting to the needs of our partners and giving them the opportunity for their customers to enjoy an Allianz Assistance experience by optimizing their customer journey.

We provide our services through our partners’ own products, integrating ourselves into their value chain with a white-label solution or through our commercial brand. We have the possibility of tailoring products and customizing them according to your needs and interests.

For all our B2B channel of agencies and brokers, we have a digital tool for quoting and issuing policies faster, more intuitive and compatible with mobile devices; which gives our partners greater flexibility with their customers.

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