Air france travel with pets

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Transport in the hold is mandatory for dogs and cats weighing more than 6 kilos (75 kg maximum). To travel, animals must be at least 15 weeks* old and have all vaccinations up to date.

It is recommended that you inform us that you are transporting an animal in the hold when booking your ticket. Before the flight, the flight attendant is informed of the presence of the animal in the hold of the aircraft and takes all the necessary measures to ensure that the animal travels comfortably (lighting, heating, etc.).

In addition, to be accepted on board, the animal must be at least 8 weeks old, for flights in mainland France (including Corsica) and between mainland France and French overseas departments and territories (except French Guiana).

Note: in order for your pet to travel with peace of mind, it is advisable to administer, after consulting a veterinarian, a product to prevent motion sickness or any untimely reaction during the flight.

It is forbidden to transport (in the cabin, in the hold or as cargo), 1st category dogs as defined by the French Ministry of Agriculture and the Food Sector, i.e. attack dogs that do not belong to a breed but can be assimilated by their morphology to the following dog breeds: Staffordshire Terriers (pitbulls), American Staffordshire Terriers (pitbulls), Mastiffs (Bœrbœls), Tosas.

Klm pets

Remember that most airlines operating in our country have restrictions in force when it comes to boarding pets on their planes, mainly when it comes to brachycephalic dog breeds traveling in the holds, a circumstance in force on Iberia flights since 2016, since these animals are more prone to respiratory problems and heat stroke.

If our pet weighs less than 10 kg, including the carrier, it may travel with us in the cabin. The required dimensions of the carrier are a maximum of 55 cm long, 40 cm wide and 23 cm high.

It must not be forgotten that in this case our friends must be checked in. In short and medium distances the check-in will be done 60 minutes before departure, and in long distances 90 minutes before.

The cost of traveling with our pet in the cabin depends on where we travel to. Trips to the peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands will cost 25€, while European trips, including Africa, will cost 50€. Long distance trips will cost 150€.

Air france pet transportation in cabin

If you have a pet and you want to take a pet with you on Air France flights then to carry pets on Air France flights you have to pay the charges for carrying pets on this airline as for flights in metropolitan France is EUR 60, to fly in caribbean is EUR 75, in Europe or between Europe or North Africa or Israel is EUR 100, in metropolitan France, Cayenne, Fort-de-France, Pointe-a-Pitre and saint-denis is EUR 75 and for rest of the flights it can cost EUR 200 to carry pets on Air France. You can read the following for information about the pet policy and information to book flights for pets.

To take pets on Air France flights you have to follow some rules of taking pets on this airline. Since the Air France pet policy rules are different for pets in cabin, as check-in baggage, in cargo then you can read the following to know this Air France pet policy.

Dogs on air france

If your flights are to Finland, Ireland, Malta or Norway, and you are traveling with a dog, in addition to the above requirements, it must be treated for Echinococcus infection between 120 and 24 hours prior to entry into the destination country.

The time limit for acceptance at check-in, unless otherwise specified (Lima: 90 min, Caracas: 120min), will be a minimum of 60 minutes prior to scheduled departure for intercontinental flights and 45 minutes for all domestic and European flights.

The transport by air of brachiocephalic (snub-nosed) animals poses a high risk of respiratory problems and overheating due to the stress of the flight.

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