A guide to places to see in Limassol, Cyprus

A guide to places to see in Limassol, Cyprus

Located on the south coast of the Mediterranean country, Limassol – which is the second-largest city on Cyprus – is home to a range of attractions, catering for all interests.

And if you’re something of a nature enthusiast take a trip to the city’s public gardens. Situated on the coastal road, some fantastic flora and fauna can be seen, including eucalyptus and pine trees.

Inside the park you will find a small zoo. Here you can see enchanting wildlife such pelicans, deer, monkeys, ostriches and moufflons.

However, if you are after something a bit more strenuous, you should head to the Fasouri Watermania park.

From having fun splashing about in the wave pool to going on thrilling slides and rides, the water park is sure to make for a great afternoon out for kids of all ages.

And when you’ve had your fill of messing about in the water, grab a bite to eat at one of the on-site restaurants or browse for souvenirs in the gift shop.

Open from April to October, Fasouri Watermania can be perfect to visit during summer holidays in 2011.

There are a range of ticket packages available, so be sure to select the one that is most suitable for you and your party’s needs. You’ll find that entrance for children under the age of three is free.

Limassol has a rich history and to get an insight into its past why not head to the Folk Art Museum? Set in a beautifully preserved historic home, the museum contains a range of items depicting Cypriot culture from the 19th and 20th centuries.

First established in 1985, it was awarded the prestigious Europa Nostra prize in 1989, so you can be confident of seeing some captivating artefacts.

Some 500 pieces across six rooms can be seen, with the exhibits on display ranging from clothes and chests to tools and tapestries.

But Limassol’s past stretches far beyond the items that can be found in this particular museum.

To find out more about the region’s history visit the medieval fort. Located near the old port, this 14th-century structure is believed to be constructed on the site of an earlier Byzantine castle, where King Richard I – also known as Richard the Lionheart – is said to have married Berengaria Navarre in 1191.

Now the fort is the home of the Cyprus Medieval Museum, so you can see a wide variety of weapons and armour.

Situated just outside Limassol is Kolossi Castle. Although the structure was first built in 1210, the building that you will see today has only been in place since the 15th century.

It has had a history of being occupied by various groups over the years, including the Knights of St John and the Knights Templar – and is said to be where Richard the Lionheart and the newly crowned Queen Berengaria spent their honeymoon.

Alternatively you can visit the Limassol District Archaeological Museum, where items ranging as far back as 10000 BC can be seen.

With so many different things to see, you will not be short of captivating attractions to take in while on a cheap holiday in Cyprus.

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