Top 5 Things to do in Barcelona

Hot picks Barcelona: Top 5 Things to do in Barcelona


  1. Best Things to do in Barcelona
  2. 1. Rock Museum
  3. 2. D-Hub
  4. 3. Magic Museum
  5. 4. Botanical Gardens
  6. 5. Els Encants Vells

Best Things to do in Barcelona

1. Rock Museum

The Museum is destined to become one of the most important rock-themed museums in the world, and represents a significant new cultural, educational and touristic attraction for the city of Barcelona. The Barcelona Rock Museum Foundation was thus created with a very clear goal in mind: the promotion and diffusion of contemporary musical culture. There are many things to see and listen to. If you want you can even go to the karaoke stage. This museum in located in the Arenas de Barcelona at plaza España

2. D-Hub

Diseny Hub Barcelona is a new center of Barcelona’s Institute of Culture, who works to promote better understanding and good use of the design world, acting as a museum, and laboratory. It focuses on 4 branches or design disciplines: space design, product design, information design and fashion. The permanent exhibition of the Museu de les Arts Decoratives presents a chronological itinerary in two parts. The first part demonstrates the evolution of objets d’art from the Romanesque to Romanticism, and with an emphasis on Catalan production. The second part of the exhibit focuses on the development of product design, with the presentation of 442 pieces that form a representative sample of industrial design in Spain.

3. Magic Museum

This new museum opened in 2011. The reason was to celebrate the 130th anniversary of El Rey de la Magia. This is one of the world´s oldest magic and illusion shops. If you ever wanted to make hankies appear from where they really shouldn´t be, or boggle an audience with cards tricks, then check it out. In the museum you can also go to a magic show. This is included in the entrance price. They will not explain how the trick works, you need to find out yourself.

4. Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Garden of Barcelona is a municipal institution that provides a service to society. The Garden maintains Mediterranean plant collections from around the world. The Botanical Garden of Barcelona is located on the mountain of Montjuïc, between the castle and the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium, on a steeply sloping plot (140 m above sea level at its highest point and 100 m at its lowest). In shape it resembles a large amphitheatre facing north-west and it covers a surface area of some 14 hectares. It offers magnificent views over the Llobregat delta, the Olympic Ring and a large part of the metropolitan area of Barcelona, with the mountains of the Garraf massif and the Collserola and Marina mountain ranges forming the backdrop.

5. Els Encants Vells

This market covers about 15.000 m2 and is one of the oldest flea markets in Europe. There are more than 500 stalls selling everything from antique furniture, collector´s items, second hand clothes, household items and even more. The market takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7am till 3pm.

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