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Top Cultural Festivals


  1. Las Fallas
  2. Sevilla Spring Fair
  3. Visit temple at Barcelona
  4. Getting to Spain

Many vacationers choose to travel Spain on cheap ferries for the vacation. People choose Spain for a trip as there is not a single town, city or village that do not host festivals annually. Individuals like to enjoy the travel to witness the collection of festivals, be it for any purpose. The nation is popular across the European countries for event festivals. These are even more popular during the summer and springtime exclusively. The city is more popular for hosting a number of recitals, and live shows throughout the season are none other than Madrid.

The nation is pictured as a town with brightly hued outfits. The market is loaded with those experiencing bullfighting. The endless seashores, hilly landscapes and massive mansions, make the nation a preferred holiday destination. The nation offers  lot more scenarios than this. The travellers can experience an extreme oneness even though the lifestyle is different. Vacationers can enjoy delightful cooking along with limitless sangria sips.

Las Fallas

The first occasion of the season is Las Fallas. It runs from 12th March to 19th April. The family members in Valencia make dolls made up of paper. These may resemble conventional characters or cartoon. These creative masterpieces are paraded in the roads. These are done before they are lastly used on bonfires in the region. The occasion is associated with a lot of recreation ideas. One can consider this as a start to the travellers in the community. Beverages and meals are free for everyone, and they can have unlimited fun.

Sevilla Spring Fair

One can check out for the town of Sevilla in Southern Spain for marvelous entertainment. It is an extended festival that occurs in the Springtime. This event began during a cattle-trading festival. The festival started in the mid-1800s. This is the large event that has the performers with mango, bullfights, and food. The dance and songs occurs during the spring time. These draws tons of people from the world.

Visit temple at Barcelona

One could not miss to check out this temple. It is the best place for art lovers and structures visible are dragging the visitors from all over the globe. One should not forget to visit this construction as it is yet to be completed from 1882. The special feature of the holy place is the main tower which has increased more than 100 mts. This temple also represents the 12 apostles. The structure top is designed with vibrant mosaics with various designs. Chapel has a variety of contemporary components and exclusive edition of development design.

Of course, there is the famous Tomatina Tomato Fight and the Spanish Carnival. Yes, Spain hosts many festivals all through the year. If you know of or have attended other fascinating festivals in the nation, do share in the comments section.

Getting to Spain

Madrid and Barcelona is well connected by airlines from all over the world. If you are visiting from within the union, you can get passes for the Eurail to get into the country. International trains normally connect to the country via France. You can take cheap ferries to France and drive into Spain. You can compare and book Ferries from France to Spain with Europe’s leading ferry comparison websites.

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