When is the best time to travel to england

Worst time to go to London


The information on this page is based on historical averages and may not reflect current conditions. Please check with local authorities for the latest travel recommendations.

In the UK, the lowest temperatures are usually reached in February. So this month will be the best choice for a visit if you expect to see snow, especially in Scotland, where you also have the chance to witness northern lights.

With temperatures in the doldrums and rain forecast, the UK’s February events calendar is not too lively. However, the Six Nations rugby tournament will be in full swing. The matches of this international tournament are played in the cities of London, Edinburgh and Cardiff. You can also immerse yourself in York’s interesting history and cultural heritage during the Yorvik Viking Festival. If it’s too cold outside, there’s no shortage of restaurants and pubs in the UK to warm up again.

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Winter is harsh in London, cold and with abundant precipitation of rain and even snow. Therefore this time is the least advisable to visit. The months of December (except Christmas), January and February are the least appropriate and therefore is considered low season. The average temperature in this season is between 2 and 6 degrees Celsius.

On March 17 is celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, despite being the patron saint of the Irish brothers in London is celebrated with great joy and dressing the city in green. A party that attracts a lot of tourism to London.

A party that is very popular in London on gay pride day. It is a party full of rhythm, color and joy neighborhoods like Soho and the most popular streets like Ofxord Street and it is certainly a festival that will attract the attention of everyone.

Flights to London are quite frequent and thanks to this the price is not at all high if you are traveling from Europe, it is the most affordable part, on the other hand the hotels if they are somewhat more expensive, we recommend you to use our search engine/comparison of confidence to see the prices of both.

Best time to travel to england

More than 54 million people live in an area of about 130,000 square kilometers. This results in a population density of 417 inhabitants per square kilometer. By comparison: Germany has about 227 people per square kilometer.

The southwest of England is particularly marked by the Gulf Stream. This sea current transports a lot of warm air and ensures that the winter months are no colder than 8 °C. Even after sunset, temperatures do not usually drop below zero degrees Celsius.

The winter months in England are characterized by low solar radiation. Short days and a lot of rain create an uncomfortable atmosphere. The best time to visit England is from June to September. These months are characterized by lower rainfall values than the spring and winter months. In addition, temperatures are much more pleasant.

In England there seems to be a real summer with more than 20 °C and up to seven hours of sunshine a day. For all nature and botany lovers, the spring month of May is recommended. Gardens and parks are swathed in colorful dress and offer wonderful backdrops for long walks and hikes. If you are more attracted to cities, you should decide to travel in the summer months for climatic reasons.

Best time to travel to london

From seasonal highlights to events, weather, travel and ideas for days out, this is our month-by-month guide to visiting Scotland. Let us help you find the perfect time for your vacation in Scotland.

In addition to Valentine’s Day, February isn’t just a month for lovebirds in Scotland. Sports fans can also rejoice with the 6 Nations sweeping the capital and various rugby matches at Murrayfield Stadium. Nature lovers will also enjoy the beautiful Snowdrop Festival, with pretty bulbs blooming in gardens across Scotland.

This month will guarantee some laughs with the Glasgow Comedy Festival in the city, and keep an eye out for the Edinburgh International Science Festival, usually held at the end of the month, a great day out for the family.

Travel tip: After a long winter, March is a good time to rest and relax before summer. Try a wellness getaway or book a nice cottage by the coast and spend some time outdoors by the sea.

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