Visit Playa Del Ingles In Gran Canaria

Visit Playa Del Ingles In Gran Canaria

Playa Del Ingles translates to the ‘Englishman’s beach’. It is one of the most exotic tourist destinations in the Canary Islands region; in fact it registers the highest number of tourists in Gran Canaria because of its unique white sandy beaches and the scenic beauty that curtains the dune background. It is located on the southern part of the larger Gran Canaria, a Spanish territory that was conquered in the 14th century. It has a rich history of being a successful island after the conquest by the Spaniards and before they arrived. Playa Del Ingles is very popular among tourists given that it offers all types of fun exotic excursions for all manner of tourists irrespective of their background.

The southern weather of the Gran Canaria where the Playa Del Ingles is located is warm and very conducive for touristic activities. During summer, this is one of the destinations in Canary and Europe as a whole that receives one of the highest number of tourists. The beach area is big and all sorts of games and activities can be carried out here. Beach volleyball, sunbathing, leisure strolls along the shallow shores while one unwinds make the trip reconnect the soul and the body. The rare phenomena of the sand dunes which occupy several hundreds of acres is another tourist attraction to behold. The Dunas de Maspalomas is a protected area but all the same a person gets to wonder just how these dunes formed. The view is breathtaking.

The Playa Del Ingles is a modern and very open minded society both in culture and trends. There are superhighways, exotic hotels and serene suburb homes that make this side of the island be the one which each and every one wishes to make a stop at. The hotels found here are the best that a person can find anywhere on the globe and one is guaranteed of an exotic, elegant and finger licking cuisine. Every tourist will find a place to spend a lavish exotic holiday and while at it find some of the most frequented restaurants and cabarets downtown because of the expertise at making raw things become exquisite delicacies.

There are numerous spots where a person can go shopping starting with the Yumbo Centre where all manner of leather bags, men’s wear, and women clothes and so much more are found. Yumbo Centrum is well known for its open tolerance to all the tourists and every woman or man has a place where pure indulgence can be experienced.

Playa Del Ingles is the one destination that surprises many, besides being a Spanish territory and located far deep into the African vicinity, the languages spoken are English, German and of course the locals’ Spanish. When it comes to the housing and designs of the houses and everything else, nothing really says of the Spaniards. During the day, the streets are very civil and the beaches very harmonious, under the sun Playa Del Ingles turns into a big ball of party time and fun.

Iren Parusheva loves traveling to Gran Canaria (Rejser til Gran Canaria is the term in Danish) and she also enjoy blogging for all beautiful destinations.

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