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They are found in tank vehicles for shifting material, mainly liquid, to stop the movement of the cargo during the trip. The load remains stable, especially during braking or acceleration. However, the breakwater partitions

Elements of vehicle or body fabrication made of laser-welded sheet metal. After assembly, they are pressed into the desired shape. They are usually stabilizing machined parts. They are standardized sheets of different wall thicknesses and can be used for braking.

They are used to brake automobiles. Brake drums have bearings of different widths and diameters. The brake surface on the drums is stationary with the braking effect obtained. Brake drums are made of different materials.

Central Trailer Elektronik. Combined system between the truck and the trailer, very suitable for transmitting a lot of important data from the entire towing vehicle to the driver’s cab, or it is responsible for transmitting from the cab to the base station.

NEW HOLLAND JOB Cap. 2: Tractor T7 Heavy Duty 2017

Sometimes, it is not in our plans to visit cities if we drive a motorhome, but Scotland is a country very prepared for this type of vehicles, and Edinburgh, its capital, one of the most beautiful cities in England. Although it is a somewhat expensive city, it is worth taking a look at the Castle and the Palace of Holoroodhouse, St Giles Cathedral and the Camera Obscura.

Our advice is to leave your motorhome in one of the areas prepared for this purpose, prepare a backpack with water and other supplies, and start wandering through the streets to not miss anything. And take a camera with you, because the pictures you can take are amazing!

If Loch Ness is one of the largest accumulations of water in the UK, Loch Katrine is undoubtedly the most beautiful in Scotland. If you know anything about literature, it may ring a bell because it was the main inspiration for Sir Walter Scott, one of the country’s most important writers. For some reason Rob Roy Macgregor, the protagonist of one of his novels, lived there for much of his life.

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Purchase your ocean freight ticketBooking and TrackingOur intuitive online booking system works on any device, so you can make and change reservations and track them with complete convenience.

Priority lane servicePriority lane services – Frequently Asked QuestionsInformation on shipping horsesFrom January 1, horses will have to undergo sanitary and phytosanitary checks. Therefore, all freight customers shipping horses must request an appointment with the Border Control Post (BCP) 72 hours prior to shipment when shipping from Dover-Calais via this link.

If the appointment has not been made, the horses will not be allowed to enter EU territory and will be shipped back to the UK. We have therefore updated our animal shipping policy to ensure that animals are shipped with 72 hours notice prior to shipment, in accordance with the new requirements.

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Following its preview presentation at Conexpo 2017 in Las Vegas, USA, both manufacturers and other interested parties quickly understood where, how and why Hardox® 500 Tuf could maximize the competitiveness of their products.

Hardox® 500 Tuf offers increased wear resistance and is also hard enough to act as an anti-wear structural steel. This offers new opportunities to reduce or eliminate support structures, allowing Hardox® 500 Tuf to support the load in place.

Early users of Hardox® 500 Tuf are already enjoying its benefits. Hardox® 500 Tuf has proven its value in dump trucks, shovels, liners, containers and all types of wear parts.

Among the customers we presented at this event were Bruce Rock Engineering (Australia), Buffalo Trailer Mfg. Inc. (USA), Industrias Baco (Argentina), Thompsons (UK), TMCC (Sweden) and Zetterbergs (Sweden). Below, we expand on this information with their experiences.

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