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PROFILE REQUIRED You are a student enrolled in university. You are fluent in English and you have time for an internship in…  PIC ManagementForeign 2 months ago …real estate COMPANY’S PRESENTATION Our partner is a fast-growing vacation rental company based in London that also ventures into property acquisition, development and management.

PROFILE REQUIRED You are a student enrolled in university. You are fluent in English and have time for an internship in…  PIC ManagementForeign 2 months ago450 €/month …network COMPANY’S PRESENTATION Our partner is a growing startup. Its facilities are located in the southern suburbs of London. Specializing in advanced technologies, our partner collaborates with industries from a wide variety of sectors and with clients…  PIC ManagementForeign 2 months ago400 €/month …business development

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Florence Nightingale, OM, RRC (Florence, May 12, 1820-London, August 13, 1910), was a British nurse, writer and statistician, considered a precursor of contemporary professional nursing and creator of the first conceptual model of nursing. From a very young age she excelled in mathematics, and she completed her studies and applied her knowledge of statistics to epidemiology and health statistics. She was the first woman admitted to the British Royal Statistical Society and an honorary member of the American Statistical Association.

She laid the foundations for the professionalization of nursing with the establishment, in 1860, of her school of nursing at St. Thomas’s Hospital in London, now an integral part of King’s College London and the NHS.[1] It was the first lay school of nursing in the world.

Of Anglican faith, she believed that God had inspired her to become a nurse. She achieved worldwide fame for her pioneering nursing work in caring for the wounded during the Crimean War. From that time on, she was known as “the lady with the lamp”, for her habit of making nightly rounds with a lamp to attend to her patients.

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Would you like to work in England and learn English? And if I also tell you that in this way you will be able to reduce the costs of your studies in the UK thanks to the salary you will receive for your work. Great, isn’t it? Then take a look at the best work&study programs that we present below:

And where to find these agencies to work in England? Just above this article we leave you with a list of Work & Study programs in the UK offered by different academies and agencies. You will be able to compare prices and conditions, and even contact the centers that offer them through the yellow “see course” buttons. There are many job offers in England with English classes included 🙂

Jobs in hotels doing room cleaning tasks are very common, as well as all jobs in the hotel industry in general (we all think of dishwasher jobs). In addition, they will also take care of finding you an English academy so that you can improve your English, which is what it is all about, and they will also find you accommodation. As you can see, there are many advantages.

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R. I chose England because it seemed to me to be one of the “easier” options to get a job as a nurse. Besides, my intention was to improve my English and London seemed like an incredible city to live in.

R. The positives are many, mainly the great personal and professional learning. All this has opened my mind in many ways and I have learned that there are many ways of doing things and there doesn’t have to be only one right way. And, above all, it has allowed me and is allowing me to do what I love most in the world, travel.

The downside is that, as many feel, we are far from home and our family and friends. Unfortunately, we miss out on many special, and even day-to-day moments that we would love to be at.

Also, I would say don’t belittle their abilities and if they want something, strive for it. That if we have done it, so can they. That we all fear the unknown, but however it turns out, it will be worth it.

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