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The main reason why not all countries use the same type of plugs is due to a non-globalized technological development and to the fact that it has not been possible to reach a consensus to homogenize them among manufacturers and countries.

Looking back, the race to popularize the use of electricity began at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. However, at that time it was impossible to predict that the world would change so much and that we would travel around the world loaded with electrical appliances.

The result is that today there are 16 different types of plugs in the world. Each of them is given a letter to name it. We can find from the type A plug to the type N plug. We are going to repair all the plug models in the world.

The type C is composed of two round and parallel pins while in the wall socket we find the two holes where it is connected. What we colloquially know as the male and the female, expression that we use for most of the cable connections.

Multi Plug Adapter to European / EU Plug 2 Feet

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UK to EU / Universal UK to EU plug adapter

It’s no secret that in England they always want to go against the rest of the world. They drive on the left, they have their own currency, unlike the rest of Europe, their sockets are peculiar and you need a plug adapter.

This last mentioned reason is the main topic of this entry. Here we will be finding out for you whether or not it is really necessary to bring an English plug adapter on a trip to England.

This is the easiest way to plug an appliance from another part of the world into the English territory. All you have to do is buy an English plug adapter with G-type plugs and that the female connectors are of the type used in your home country.

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