Touring Scotland by caravan – Top tips

Touring Scotland by caravan – Top tips

Here are some points to think about if you are about to make your first trip north of the border for a caravan holiday:

the weather. Yes, an old comic routine subject but the fact of the matter is that the weather in Scotland is never reliable – not even in summer. This is not a problem for most people, providing you have packed a good variety of clothing to cope with either hot or chilly and windy weather (you may get both in the same day);
distances and time. If you are venturing into the Highlands, remember that some roads may be across difficult terrain and your average speed levels may be lower than normal. Therefore, allow sufficient time to get to your destination and allow some slack in your itinerary;
be careful in the mountains. Every year, both winter and summer, the rescue services are forced to retrieve people from dangerous situations where they have ventured into mountains and wild countryside with totally inappropriate equipment or vehicles;
take evening entertainment with you. Some parts of Scotland can be incredibly rural and beautiful, which is why they are so popular. Yet you may find at night that your caravan site is a long way from anywhere other than the local pub – which may be fine for adults but which might not provide a lot of diversion for children. So, make sure you have plenty with you
think about midges. These biting insects can be a serious nuisance in the Highlands during a relatively short period of the summertime. Modern insect repellents are typically effective, so make sure that you have some with you;
remember spares and tools. The days when every tiny Scottish village had their own garage and workshop are now largely consigned to the history books. If you have mechanical problems in parts of the Highlands, you may find yourself a long way from a garage and spares, therefore, think about taking a few basics with you;
public holidays. Although public holidays in Scotland and England are now more-or-less aligned, you may still see some local variations at certain times of the year. You may wish to research this carefully in case after arrival in an area, you find everything is shut and you are indeed of supplies etc;
Scottish banknotes. Even though they are not, strictly speaking, legal tender, the Scottish banks issue their own banknotes and these are universally accepted in Scotland. Once you cross the border heading south at the end of your holiday, you may find it increasingly difficult to get these accepted by English shops and retail outlets the further south you get. You might need to go to a bank to change them. If you would like to avoid the inconvenience, use up your Scottish notes before crossing the border.

Scotland is a beautiful country and you are sure to enjoy your visit. Have fun!

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