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I have spent a lot of time traveling alone in England, Scotland and Wales. Much more than I originally intended. I went to Europe without a plan, ended up living for months in two different cities in England, and used them as a base to explore the country.

I never thought the UK would become one of my most traveled countries. At the time, I was more interested in warmer, more attractive and more exotic travel destinations: the UK seemed very boring compared to Thailand, Italy or South Africa. And yet I fell completely under its spell.

People travel to the UK because it is a destination of which they already have an idea in mind. Everyone knows that London, at the very least, is cloudy and has bridges. Scotland has kilt and bagpipes. The whole of the UK is covered in castles and villages. And they love tea and have a queen.

This is my biggest tip of all. I can’t tell you how many people I hear say they want to go to “London and Ireland” or “London and Scotland” while ignoring the rest of England. Or maybe, maybe they’ll throw in a quick trip to Stonehenge before they leave English soil.

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We have not yet reached solo travel, but, we are reducing the number of travelers. For this, it is necessary to mention this couple: Iosu López and Alberto Menéndez, from Pamplona and Santiago de Compostela. They are in charge of injecting adrenaline, audiovisual content and creative ideas to Mochileros TV. More than a blog, it is an online channel, a platform for other travelers and a space on social networks to discover the real #ADNmochilero.

Rober and Lety, two lovers who are like bread and nutella or like a hangover and Sunday (I’m not saying it, they define it). They are responsible for making us laugh with every story told through Mochileando por el mundo, they have a simple style to tell things and a humor that invites you to travel no matter what.

As good travel lovers and loyal to their followers, these bloggers took on the task of answering the question “what do you recommend I should do in London? If you also have that concern, you can check out this post that Ruben wrote about what he remembers from his short trips through British lands.

Safety tips for solo travelers

Some time later Robbie announced that he and his wife were expecting their first child, a daughter born on September 18, 2012 at Portland Hospital, whom they named Theodora Rose ‘Teddy’ Williams.[6][7] Since then he has had another daughter, Colette;[8] and two sons, Charlton and Beau.[9] Williams left the band in 1995, after several internal conflicts with the other members (Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Mark Owen and Jason Orange) in 1996.

Williams left the band in 1995, after several internal conflicts with the other members (Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Mark Owen and Jason Orange), which precipitated the band’s demise in 1996.

There was some controversy over the music video for the song “Rock DJ”, in which Williams appears in a nightclub surrounded by women. In the video, Williams strips naked and later (using advanced special effects) rips off his skin and shows off his muscle tissue. The video ends with Williams dancing, although nothing is left of him but the skeleton. It was banned in almost all Islamic and other countries with religions opposed to the music video.

In 2001, Robbie released the album Swing When You’re Winning, which had only covers of Swing style songs, which were dedicated to his great idols like Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr, etc.. In this album he also recorded the song “Something Stupid” with Australian actress Nicole Kidman.

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In summer, in England, it can reach 20 degrees Celsius, but be careful, in Scotland the average stays around 9 degrees Celsius. The weather for the strong fronts are very variable so my recommendation is that you go prepared with a little bit of everything.

– In the Modern Age, the confrontations would be around religion (Catholics against Protestants) confronting again Wales, the Kingdom of England and Scotland. In the 17th century, James VI of Scotland managed to unify the kingdoms by moving his court from Edinburgh to London, although more civil wars were unleashed.

– In the 18th century, a union between the kingdom of England (including Wales) and the kingdom of Scotland was created again. In this first century, the country became a model for the West with the development of a parliamentary system, the industrial revolution and by becoming a great power thanks to its trade.

– During World War II, the country joined France, the United States and the Soviet Union. During the post-war period, they were among the first countries to establish the Welfare State, which attracted people from all over the world, thus becoming a multicultural state.

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