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Traveling alone is a very valid option for different situations. It depends a lot on how you are to face it with desire, but I think that when you enjoy the solitude without complexes, it becomes a nice experience. For me it’s not most of the time, as I travel a lot with my partner and friends, but when they can’t, I usually resort to it and it’s always a great adventure. So based on my experience I will give some tips and recommendations to help other women to travel in Europe, the territory where I have done it most often.

First of all, if you have come this far because you are hesitating, think that you already have the most important thing: the desire. When I hesitated for the first time, I ended up doing it and although I still feel a kind of vertigo every time I make the decision, I have always believed that it is worth it. Traveling is worth it. And traveling alone is just one more way to travel.

This part will depend on the time you have and the route you choose. If you have time, you could at least do part of it by train. There are good connections and it is charming to visit the places little by little, seeing through the window other towns and being more aware of the territory you are crossing.

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Throughout history there have been many women travelers who have made long, risky and adventurous journeys. They traveled alone, without the protection of anyone. They wrote books or reports and that is why we know them today, even though their names did not transcend like those of their male colleagues. Here are some of the great women travelers in history, women whose example inspires us to travel regardless of age or era.

Cassie de Pecol, a U.S. citizen, has now visited every country in the world in 18 months and 26 days, making her the first woman to visit them and earning her the Guinness World Record for the shortest time on record. She undertook the journey with the intention of promoting peace, ecological sustainability and women’s rights.  After visiting 196 sovereign nations in 18 months and 26 days, the young woman from Connecticut says she has only one thorn in her side: Antarctica.

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One of the main tips for traveling alone that we can give you is to be well informed about the destination you have chosen. You don’t need to go with everything planned or go crazy researching, but it would be a good idea to take a draft of the itinerary you would like to do and a list of places to visit. It is also important that you check in advance key information such as vaccinations, visas, travel documents and important cultural aspects of the destination. Being well-informed will make you feel safer and more comfortable traveling alone.

Even if you plan to disconnect for a while during your trip, it never hurts to bring an unlocked cell phone with an internet connection. Purchasing a local SIM card is often the cheapest way to stay connected. In addition to being useful in case of emergency, having access to the network can help you feel safer, save money (you can check traveler forums for transportation and accommodation prices to know in advance) and keep your family and friends up to date with your trip.

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Get to know the wonders of Europe in circuits designed for you to enjoy your retirement. We have organized trips to the best cities of the most beautiful countries: France, Magic Italy, Portugal, Classic Russia, the Imperial Route of Morocco, Unforgettable Turkey, Norwegian Fjords.

We also do combined tours that take you to two or more countries, such as the Austria, Tyrol and Bavaria circuit, the Baltic Countries or the one that includes Prague, Vienna and Budapest. If you prefer, the Black Forest, Switzerland and Alsace option is waiting for you, as well as the Netherlands and Rhine Cruise.

Coach tours, sightseeing tours, individual headphones and full board at the hotel accommodations are other considerations that guarantee a smooth, comfortable and satisfactory trip.

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