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Newport, Rhode Island, is one of New England’s shining jewels. This stunning seaside town is rich in architectural wonders and a bustling coastal hub. This popular weekend getaway was once a playground for the incredibly wealthy, and visitors can now tour the famous Gilded Age mansions that were inspired by European palaces.

Whale watching and boat tours are popular summer activities, as are visiting the natural wonders of Blowing Cave, Spouting Rock and Goose Rocks Beach. Kennebunkport is also known for being the summer residence of President George HW Bush.

Portsmouth was established in 1623 and is the third oldest city in the United States. This long history has contributed to the city’s charm and offers visitors many fascinating historical sites to see. The streets are filled with colonial, Georgian and Victorian architecture and there are many museums to explore.

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On the east coast of Massachusetts lies the arm-shaped cape of Cape Cod. A summer retreat with calm waters and tropical wildlife, Cape Cod is one of the most visited beach destinations in the US.

Located near the picturesque town of Provincetown is the famous Race Point Beach. Cruise the rough waters or swim in the shallows, Race Point Beach is also home to beautiful historic attractions. Brimming with water activities, favorable weather, glorious dunes and scenic beauty, the Cape offers world-class beaches with natural attractions.

Highlights include beautiful sandy beaches with dune bottoms, striking cedar-shingled buildings, beautifully manicured ligustrum and a charming main town known for its piers and cobblestone streets. Here you’ll also find excellent restaurants, high-end boutiques and steepled churches.

Explore Boston Harbor’s 13 islands accessible by ferry. Hike around Spectacle Island or visit historic Fort Warren on George Island, these beautiful islands offer a wealth of recreational activities with some of the most majestic views in the Atlantic.

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Nestled in the northeastern corner of the United States, New England is made up of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. Each state boasts its own set of historic and scenic attractions As the region was one of the first parts of the United States to be settled, there are many monuments and museums that look back on its rich past, and New England is also known for being the birthplace of the American Revolution. Its long, picturesque Atlantic coastline is home to some fantastic cities and towns, such as Boston, Providence and Portland.

While most tourism in the state revolves around its fantastic natural features, the capital city of Concord is well worth a visit. If time permits, take a trip to Manchester – a revitalized and thriving mill town – and Portsmouth, a historic seaport that is within easy reach of many lovely beaches and coastal scenery.

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It is one of the regions of the United States of America, comprising the states of Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Connecticut. To arrive at this region, it is acceded by Boston, Massachusetts.

After the Independence New England played an important role since it became a cultural and economic center for three centuries. The most prestigious universities in the country were built, such as Harvard, Dartmouth, Brown, Yale and MIT.

The Revolution of the United States of America began in this state, the first university was founded here, the most prestigious today, and the country’s first email was sent from here. But, there is not only history in Massachusetts, you can also visit beaches, historic towns and one of the best museums in the United States.

Among its fixed and rotating exhibits are European art from the Middle Ages, African art including historical masks, other artifacts of the time and outstanding works in realistic and abstract styles. In addition, it also contains works from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome that date back to 6,500 BC.    All this you can compare with the contemporary art exhibited in the museum and see how it has evolved.

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