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The Jamestown Colony (Spanish)


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The novel Moby Dick was written by Herman Melville inland. Some of the settings that appear in the book, however, are inspired by New England, on the northeast coast of the United States. Moby Dick is both a novel and a travelogue.

Herman Melville was born in New York in 1819. He moved as many times as he changed jobs. Without that movement, without that restlessness, he would not have collected the material he turned into books when he was still.

There were streets stained with grease and blood, streets where unplanned men and young men from wealthy families from Vermont and New Hampshire walked, waiting to enlist on a ship that would take them on an adventure and bring them glory.

The Pequod, the whaler that sails after the leviathan in Moby Dick, was set sail by Herman Melville from the island of Nantucket. A sandy elbow 30 miles off Cape Cod, illuminated by three lighthouses, it is now home to some 15,000 people. Its first settlers, the Wampanoag tribe, named it Nantocke, “The Land Beyond”. An eloquent name, as is the Gray Lady, a nickname that refers to the fog that always envelops the island.

Gulliver’s Travels Video Summary

The thirteen stories that make up this book, mostly unpublished in Spanish and taken from the work The Triumph of the Egg (1921), show us the best of Sherwood Anderson’s narrative: he expresses complex feelings with a simple style and rebels against social conformism. His stories are full of tenderness for the characters described, who seem lost in the violence of American industrialization.

This work is similar in many ways to his best-known book, Winesburg, Ohio, especially in its way of giving voice to the voiceless, to those bewildered souls who wander through its pages in a fleeting but moving way.


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