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Also, if you have any specific questions that have not been answered in this guide, check out our UK FAQ guide and our generic car rental FAQs, and if they have not yet been answered, feel free to contact our travel experts at 1-207-842-2000 – 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

Snow is particularly rare in the southeast, although the northern regions certainly receive a considerable amount of snow. If you are driving in the north of England during the winter, Auto Europe recommends investing in additional equipment (such as snow tires or chains) to reduce the likelihood of a snow-related collision or accident while driving an English rental vehicle. Looking for more information? Check out our section on weather and climate in London for a more specific look at the weather you are likely to encounter seasonally in London and the United Kingdom.

As England is a key part of the UK, we recommend you review our driving tips for the UK for specific information on driving on the left side of the road, navigating traffic circles and other pertinent driver information you should familiarize yourself with before heading out on your UK tour.

8 tourist attractions in london

England, heart of the English empire, home of Queen Elizabeth and one of the most cosmopolitan and ancient countries in the world. Here you will find a travel guide to England with information, tips and details by city to make your next trip unforgettable. Let’s start!

I have been to England 3 times and it never ceases to amaze me, I love its medieval, Viking and modern contrasts, as well as the elegance and glamour that its cities exude. I firmly believe that visiting this country should be on every traveler’s list. Below, you will find the most important details of this country.

Tower of London

And although today it is 30 km from the French coast, the arm of the sea that separates it from the continent seems as immense as the Atlantic. The first impression on arriving “on the other shore” is one of surprise. The landscape adopts all possible shades of green. Not in vain, the bad tongues assure that there are only two seasons: the one of the umbrella and the one of the raincoat.

Mostly Anglican, the English – tea drinkers and inventors of most sports – are a people of deep-rooted traditions where everything evolves without anything disappearing completely.

It is convenient to rent a car, although it must be taken into account that you drive on the left. It is also possible to travel around the country by coach at an economical price. The train is another option and for long distances the airplane (British Airways, Fybe).

Out of season, there are no problems to stay in B&Bs. From Easter onwards, it is better to book in tourist cities. Attention to festivals or rugby matches as prices may increase. There are not many camping sites, as opposed to youth hostels, which are numerous, clean and comfortable. Renting apartments or houses is an option if you are traveling in a group. Hotels are few and expensive.

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Las Guías de Ciudades de Wallpaper* presentan una lista bien editada y discretamente empaquetada de lo mejor que un lugar puede ofrecer al viajero consciente del diseño. Tanto si te quedas 48 horas como cinco días, si vienes por negocios o de vacaciones, hemos hecho el trabajo duro por ti, desde encontrar los mejores restaurantes, bares y hoteles (incluyendo qué habitaciones pedir) hasta las tiendas y sitios más extraordinarios, y la arquitectura y el diseño más atractivos. Las Guías de Ciudades de Wallpaper* le permiten salir de su viaje, por breve que sea, con un verdadero sabor de boca del paisaje de la ciudad y la satisfacción de haber visto todo lo que debería.En definitiva, estas guías actúan como un pasaporte a lo mejor que el mundo tiene que ofrecer.

De la City a Mayfair, Marylebone&Regents Park, de los barrios institucionales a East End&Docklands pasando por los grandes museos y el sur del Támesis… La Guía Verde de Londres contiene toda

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