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As you discover the best of Boston, your ConDUCKtor® will tell you interesting details and information about the city’s heritage. When you think you’ve seen it all, it’s time to dive into the Charles River. Enjoy unique views of Boston and Cambridge.

During the tour, look along the waterfront for Mount Battie, historic inns and elegant summer mansions of the rich and famous with their million-dollar yachts. Watch lobstermen hauling in their traps. On a typical day, you may see porpoises playing in the water, ospreys, eagles hunting fish and even the occasional whale. Keep an eye out for seals sunning themselves on the rocks and cute guillernots (cousins of the puffin), with their bright red legs, waddling as they walk along the rocky shore.

Quench your thirst with cocktails, beer, wine and soft drinks, all available for purchase during your sailing cruise. When Camden Harbour comes back into view, relax and feel the wind rush through your hair as your memorable sailing cruise comes to an end. See more 4. Newport, Rhode Island: evening cocktail cruise on Narragansett Bay Experience Newport Harbor and Lower Narragansett Bay as the sun sets while enjoying a complimentary specialty drink.

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If we talk about New England, we are referring to a region located in the northeastern part of the United States made up of 6 states: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

It really depends on what “scenery” you want to enjoy. If you are planning to travel on the hottest and sunniest days, summer is a good time to visit New England from late May through mid-September. During this period, especially in and around the coastal towns and northward toward Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, you can enjoy cool nights and perfectly warm days, ideal for discovering these enchanted places.

The second, Chatham, is famous for its iconic Coast Guard Lighthouse, and its white beaches were also the arrival point for some of the early Pilgrim Fathers who then continued on to Plymouth.

We highly recommend stopping for lunch in one of the coastal villages to appreciate the delicious lobster rolls or freshly caught and cooked lobsters, which are typical dishes of the area. We will arrive in the town of Bar Harbor (Acadia Park) in the early evening.

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New England is the name of the geographic and historical region located in the northeastern corner of the United States, bordered by Canada to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the east and south, and the state of New York to the west. It consists of 6 states: Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont and Connecticut.

Prior to September 8, 2010, obtaining this travel authorization was free of charge, but it now costs USD 14 as a tourist tax. Payment of this fee must be made by credit or debit card as an additional step in the application process, so the application is not processed until payment information is received.

Airplane: The city of Boston, the point of entry and exit of the country on this trip, has numerous intercontinental connections with Europe, so good deals and flight prices can be obtained if purchased well in advance and/or outside of peak tourist seasons. In our case we got it for a price of 730 €/pax, but we bought it only 4 days before the trip, so it is possible to get it for considerably less. After searching for our optimal flight combination (especially in price, schedules and flight duration) in several flight search engines we finally bought it directly on the Lufthansa website.

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Boston is the most traditional city in the United States, the city from which the rebellion that led to independence from England began. The tour consists of a departure to Boston, a fascinating and elegant New England city. We will visit Beacon Hill, the New England Aquarium, Back Bay, Boston Common and Quincy Market. As Boston was the center of the struggle for American independence, it is home to prestigious educational institutions such as MIT and Harvard University. Departure and return to meeting points at designated hotels (Jolly or Sheraton New York).

Our first stop is in the city of Cambridge to visit one of the most famous and prestigious universities in the world, Harvard. The tour begins through the Harvard Yard, one of the oldest academic sites in the United States. After the visit to the Widener Library, as a good auspice we will stop to “shine” John Harvard’s shoes – a little good luck never hurts!

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