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The big question you ask yourself when organizing a trip to London. As always, it’s going to depend on the days you have available, but we think that 4 days in London are perfect to get to know the city well.

And now that Instagram has become the personal album that we all have more at hand, if you want, you even have a photo tour of London for Instagram where the most emblematic places of the capital are toured and you get an incredible photo report to show off on Instagram. It can even be a great gift, check it out here!

If you don’t have roaming included in your tariff, keep in mind that you will need an internet card to receive WhatsApp messages, view your social networks or check information. Among the tips for traveling to London, a basic one, international data cards.

We always carry Holafly cards, and they are very easy to use. You receive the card before leaving on your trip, and when you arrive at your destination, you have data just by inserting the SIM card or activating the eSIM on your mobile, in addition to data roaming.

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Although due to the emergence of Omicron, the requirements for travel to London were tightened, they were removed on March 18, 2022. So, if you decide to travel to London now, you will find no restrictions.

IATI Standard is the best London travel insurance. You will be covered for medical expenses up to 300,000 euros, but also 100% of the expenses in case you have to be repatriated or have to return home earlier due to hospitalization or death of a family member. This travel insurance goes much further and also covers common situations that can occur on a trip of this type: delays in transportation, theft or the expenses that could be incurred if your checked luggage is delivered late, among many others.

Yes, since, due to the Brexit, from October 1, 2021 it has become a mandatory document to travel to London and the United Kingdom. If you are traveling as a tourist, you will not need to apply for a visa, but remember that you can only stay up to 180 days.

Remember that now more than ever it is very important to travel with travel insurance to London. In addition to the coverage for incidents that affect any traveler such as delays in transportation or expenses caused by loss of checked baggage or late delivery (such as when you have to buy clothes and basic necessities), the IATI Standard offers you the best protection against possible medical expenses that you may have to face. This insurance provides you with coverage of up to 300,000 euros in medical expenses and, most importantly, the possibility of being treated in high quality private medical centers.

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We agree with you: when you don’t know what to do, you have to travel to London! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been, or if you move around the subway with your eyes closed: in London it’s impossible to get bored and, every day, there are a thousand and one new things to discover and enjoy. And if in your list of things to do in London the classics are already crossed off, take note, from the hand of Tourist Forum, of these new ideas to travel to London that, for sure, will make you fall in love again -and they go…- of our capital.

And in your trip to the southwest of England you can not miss a route through the county of Devon, where is one of the most spectacular natural scenery in the UK: Lulworth Cove, the best known cove of the Jurassic Coast -a rugged stretch of coastline of over 150 kilometers long-, where is Durdle Door, a huge limestone arch that is a natural monument. Sidmouth is a beautiful fishing village, with its brightly painted cottages and plenty of restaurants where you can try the traditional Dover lobster sandwich – it’s delicious! And when you stroll through fairytale towns like Exeter and Plymouth, you’ll stop at every stall in their traditional markets and toast again and again in their pubs with the county’s delicious cider. See you in England!

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England is one of the 4 countries that are part of the United Kingdom, it has a population of 54.7 million inhabitants and its capital is London. Here are 6 tips to survive in England:

Power adapter: The power adapter in England is not the same as in Latin America or the United States; there, you need a different adapter. We recommend you to take it with you from your country of origin so that you do not run out of power when you arrive at your destination city.

Being a stone’s throw away from the rest of Europe, flights from England to anywhere in Europe are quite cheap, so take advantage of your stay in England to visit other countries in the European continent!

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