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On the first day, our guides will be waiting for you at the airport, and will transfer you to your hotel. Once there, the day will be completely free, although our guides will be happy to offer information about where to go, what to visit and how to get around the city.

The next day, after breakfast at the hotel in Durham, we will move on to Scotland, making a stop in Alnwick, a picturesque town with beautiful gardens and a beautiful medieval castle, where Harry Potter was filmed. After this brief visit, we will move on to Edinburgh, arriving around noon. There we will have lunch and then take a guided tour of the whole city, visiting the World Heritage Site, the castle and some other areas of interest.

After breakfast at the hotel in London, we will take a coach or train (sometimes, depending on prices, we may choose the plane as a means of transportation) to get to London, the capital of England. There we will leave you free time to enjoy the city as you see fit, although, as always, our guides will be happy to recommend some places of interest to visit.

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Also, if you have any specific questions that have not been answered in this guide, check out our UK FAQ guide and our generic car rental FAQs, and if they have not yet been answered, feel free to contact our travel experts at 1-207-842-2000 – 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

Snow is particularly rare in the southeast, although the northern regions certainly receive a considerable amount of snow. If you are driving in the north of England during the winter, Auto Europe recommends investing in additional equipment (such as snow tires or chains) to reduce the likelihood of a snow-related collision or accident while driving an English rental vehicle. Looking for more information? Check out our section on weather and climate in London for a more specific look at the weather you are likely to encounter seasonally in London and the United Kingdom.

As England is a key part of the UK, we recommend you review our driving tips for the UK for specific information on driving on the left side of the road, navigating traffic circles and other pertinent driver information you should familiarize yourself with before heading out on your UK tour.

Turismo en inglaterra

LO MÁS DESTACADO DE HOY: Recepción de llegada. Traslado al hotel y tiempo libre. Recibirás información sobre el inicio del circuito durante la tarde, o puedes consultar los paneles informativos en la recepción del hotel.

Saldremos de Londres hacia el norte de Inglaterra. Nos detendremos en CAMBRIDGE para admirar sus hermosos colegios residenciales. Después de la hora del almuerzo, continuaremos hacia YORK donde su catedral, sus murallas romanas y sus animadas calles comerciales crearán un recuerdo encantador. Tiempo para un paseo. Después, continuaremos hacia el norte. DURHAM. Llegada a esta pequeña y encantadora ciudad medieval llena de vida que cuenta con una maravillosa catedral justo delante de su castillo.

Viajaremos hacia Escocia. Nos detendremos en ALNWICK, una pintoresca ciudad con preciosos jardines y un gran castillo medieval donde se rodó la película de Harry Potter. Posteriormente continuaremos hacia EDINBURGO, donde llegaremos al mediodía. Esta es la capital de Escocia y una de las ciudades más activas del norte de Europa. Su centro monumental ha sido declarado Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO. Su castillo domina la ciudad, sus calles empinadas y sus parques. Visita turística con guía local incluida.

What is tourism in england like

Come and discover what England has to offer, tourism in the heart of the UK. From London to Liverpool, or from Oxford to Cambridge, we offer you a tour of the main monuments of the country.

In the district of Westminster you will find a real paradise of tourism in England. On the banks of the River Thames you will be able to contemplate the majestic figure of the British Parliament, crowned by Big Ben.

Inside this district you will understand why England, tourism and history go hand in hand. Westminster Abbey, one of the masterpieces of Gothic architecture in England, is one of the key places of your trip. Inside are buried not only kings of England, but also important citizens, scientists and poets, such as Isaac Newton, Charles Dickens and Alexander Pope.

Nor can you miss the opportunity to visit one of the jewels of tourism in England, the Tower Bridge, and the Tower of London. Two of the most emblematic buildings of the British capital. In the Tower, guarded by the famous crows, are kept the crown jewels, the greatest treasure of the country.

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