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Recommendations for travel to london

If you are planning to visit the incredible and interesting capital of the United Kingdom, it is convenient to follow some tips for traveling to London for the first time, which will ensure that your experience will be great, safe and unforgettable.

Traveling represents a wonderful opportunity to get to know new places and cultures, it is an activity that can be very pleasant and enriching, but it requires proper planning and preparation.

The first of our tips for traveling to London for the first time is that you find out about the conditions for entering the country, because if you are European, you should be aware that as a result of Brexit have changed. At present you need to comply with the following requirements:

Try to select a well located accommodation, which will facilitate access, transfers and savings in transportation costs. While staying far from the center may be cheaper, it will increase transportation costs and take longer.

London winters are very cold, in summer the heat is not so intense. However, it is important to bring jackets, coats, waterproof clothing, sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves, among other items, particularly in the winter season.

What to wear to london

England is one of the 4 countries that are part of the United Kingdom, has a population of 54.7 million inhabitants and its capital is London. Here are 6 tips to survive in England:

Power adapter: The power adapter in England is not the same as in Latin America or the United States; there, you need a different adapter. We recommend you to take it with you from your country of origin so that you do not run out of power when you arrive at your destination city.

Being a stone’s throw away from the rest of Europe, flights from England to anywhere in Europe are quite cheap, so take advantage of your stay in England to visit other countries in the European continent!

How to travel in London

Both Glasgow and Edinburgh have frequent direct train services from London, as well as being easily accessible from all major towns and cities in England, although you may have to change at a station.

Flying to Scotland from elsewhere in the UK is usually the quickest option. This is particularly true if your final destination is beyond the main cities or on any of the islands.

If you decide to take the M6, we advise you to follow the Historic Borders Route to Edinburgh along the A7, or the Galloway Tourist Route which starts on the A75 and passes through Dumfries before continuing on to Ayr on the west coast of Scotland.

From the A74, you can join the South West Coastal 300, a beautiful loop through the Dumfries & Galloway region, along the Ayrshire coast to Glasgow via the Clyde Valley Tourist Route.

Traveling from Manchester or York takes about 2 hours, while from Bristol it’s about 7 hours.If you go beyond Edinburgh, count an additional 2.5 hours to get to Aberdeen or 3.5 hours to Inverness.

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The information on this page is based on historical averages and may not reflect current conditions. Please check with local authorities for the latest travel recommendations.

In the UK, the lowest temperatures are usually reached in February. So this month will be the best choice for a visit if you expect to see snow, especially in Scotland, where you also have the chance to witness northern lights.

With temperatures in the doldrums and rain forecast, the UK’s February events calendar is not too lively. However, the Six Nations rugby tournament will be in full swing. The matches of this international tournament are played in the cities of London, Edinburgh and Cardiff. You can also immerse yourself in York’s interesting history and cultural heritage during the Yorvik Viking Festival. If it’s too cold outside, there’s no shortage of restaurants and pubs in the UK to warm up again.

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