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Canada experienced a period of great change in the 19th century. Its population increased dramatically due to immigrants from the United States and abroad. Communities grew and also created increasing conflicts with the indigenous peoples who had lived in the region for millennia. In addition, there was the War of 1812, rebellions, growing moves toward democracy, gold rushes and additional territories added to the domain.

In 1834, the British formally banned slavery in most of their territories. Thousands of enslaved people escaped and endured perilous journeys from the United States to freedom in Canada. The route to freedom marked by allies who secretly provided food, lodging and directions was called the Underground Railroad.

Desires for a more democratic system of government precipitated the rebellions of 1837-1838, which occurred in every colony in both Upper and Lower Canada. They led to the Durham Report and later the Act of Union in 1841, which united the two colonies into the “United Province of Canada” under one government.

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Skip to main contentGo to footerRacism in Canada: Words to tell the unacceptablePhoto: RCI RCIPublished: 7 February 2022 18:57Canada is often described as a country of immigration, open to differences and embracing multiculturalism as state policy.However, more and more voices are being heard from Canadians denouncing ordinary and systemic racism, as well as racist acts, some of them with deadly consequences.

We did a project with the police. Their representative came. At the time it was like the most that could be done: a poster in the subway station at Yonge and Bloor. The Toronto Star newspaper did a story on this and they have it in their archives. It can be found online.

How can you understand what happened at that time, how can you understand the anger of people like me today? Don’t ask why one is angry. What you have to do is research what we had to go through in high school here. Everything has a root.

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The history of Alaska dates back to the Upper Paleolithic (14,000 B.C.), when groups of Siberian hunters and gatherers crossed the Beringia Bridge, a portion of land emerged during glaciation, from the Chukotka Peninsula to western present-day Alaska.

At the time of contact with Europeans by Russian explorers, the area was populated by indigenous groups including Aleut and northern Athabascan peoples. The name “Alaska” comes precisely from an Aleut word alaxsxaq, which literally means “dry land” (literally, “the object toward which the action of the sea is directed”).[1] At the turn of the century, the Russians began to use the word “Alaska” to describe the area.

At the turn of the century, the Russians established the settlement of New Archangel, now Sitka. The Russian territory of America, as it is known, never developed because of the distance from the metropolis and, in 1867, the United States acquired Alaska through a commercial operation.

In 1942, two outer Aleutian Islands-Attu and Kiska-were occupied by the Japanese and their recovery by the United States made them a matter of national pride. The construction of military bases contributed to population growth in some Alaskan cities.

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