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Personas que no pueden entrar en Canadá


lanzar un programa para reducir el número de muertes de adolescentes en vehículos de motor relacionadas con el alcohol; un transeúnte observa un monumento improvisado en Upper Providence, Pensilvania, dedicado a cinco chicas muertas en un accidente de automóvil, cuatro de las cuales tenían rastros del producto químico difluoroetano en su sangre.

Recientemente se han aprobado leyes que prohíben la publicidad de alcohol en la televisión y la radio antes de las 9 de la noche, que imponen multas a los menores de 16 años por beber en la calle, que establecen medidas más duras contra las tiendas que venden alcohol a menores de 16 años, que mejoran

Estado de Embriaguez (MADD, por sus siglas en inglés), que otorgó a Puerto Rico una clasificación de “C” sobre medidas adoptadas para evitar que los conductores manejen vehículos bajo la influencia de alcohol o drogas.

Traveling to Canada for work

Planning to escape the routine or winter weather to enjoy a tropical climate or a culture rich in history? If you’re hoping to take a trip abroad, don’t pack your bags before reading this, or you could find yourself on the first flight home. Criminal records travel with you. For example, a DUI offense can carry international travel restrictions with its verdict.

You may ask yourself: “What countries can’t you go to with a DUI or criminal record?”. If you are restricted from traveling abroad because of your criminal record, planning a vacation can get a little complicated. For example, Mexico and Jamaica may not handle criminal records in the same way. What if you want to go on a cruise? There are several countries to consider if you are going ashore. Criminal records include violent crimes and felonies (which include repeat drunk and drugged driving offenses), but each country handles foreign criminal offenses in its own way.

It is possible to travel to Canada with a pet

Drinking and driving laws and consequences vary from state to state, but in some states it is considered a violation of the law at 0.05 percent blood alcohol levels. In any case, it is necessary to know the state regulations of the place where the accident occurs.

Also, the police are authorized to arrest people suspected of having been drinking if they fail what are known as sobriety tests. In addition, in the United States, if a suspected drunk driver refuses to take a blood test, then he or she is considered guilty of DUI.

And in many states or counties within states, interlock laws apply. That is, a driver can be forced to have a system in his car where he has to blow into it every time he wants to drive. But if the device detects alcohol levels, the engine is blocked and will not start.

When applying for various immigration benefits, such as in the specific case of obtaining a green card, the form specifically asks if you have been arrested, charged, convicted, fined or sent to prison for violation of any law or ordinance, excluding traffic violations.

Traveling to Canada as a Spaniard

Applicants with a previous criminal record who want to enter Canada for tourism, business or transit purposes using the country’s Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) should be aware of the relevant questions on the criminal record form. Fortunately, unlike other online travel authorizations, applicants are allowed greater flexibility in clarifying their answers to the questions and providing the requested supporting documents.

Any arrest, charge, conviction or criminal conviction will require applicants to answer “yes” to the question and provide additional information to IRCC for consideration. In addition, IRCC requires eTA applicants to disclose prior criminal activity that may not have resulted in an arrest, charge or conviction. Applicants should note that this question includes criminal activity in any country, not just their home country or Canada. Canadian authorities have access to numerous criminal record databases, such as those administered by Interpol, as well as law enforcement and security entities in the United States, European countries, etc. Applicants are therefore advised not to mislead or provide false information in their applications regarding prior criminal history.

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