Travel to canada after dui

I left the U.S. voluntarily, can I return to the country?


In October 1998, Carolina began working for a prestigious immigration law firm located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. At the same time, she completes the equivalencies to obtain her license as a Canadian lawyer. Carolina is a member of the Manitoba Bar Association and the Canadian Bar Association.

In February 2014, Carolina decided to open her own office, particularly oriented to Canadian Immigration Law. The team at Carolina’s office is made up of diverse and talented professionals, who focus on client service and treat each case as if it were special and unique.

No matter how complex the problem to be solved, Carolina and her team will accompany and guide you through the entire process, with the intention of achieving your ultimate goal of immigrating to Canada.

There are several federal and provincial programs through which you can obtain permanent residency in Canada as an independent candidate. In most cases, the government controls admission, and you would be required to submit an expression of interest to be invited to submit an application. It is also possible to obtain permanent residency through sponsorship of a family member. There is also a Business immigration program and a Humanitarian program.

Can a resident with a past criminal record be deported?

It is normal to be concerned about a Florida DUI, as it will affect your future. Many people ask our Florida DUI Attorneys the same questions; “Will I get fired?” and what are the consequences?”. In this blog, we will try to make that clear so you can understand what is coming and what we can do to help.

In most cases, the industry you work in will be a significant determining factor. For example, a retail worker generally has a much better chance of keeping his or her job than a school teacher.

If you do not work in these industries, you will have to expect your boss to be lenient. The best thing you can do at this time is to contact a Florida DUI Defense Attorney who can work to get your case dismissed or the penalties reduced.

If your charges are not dismissed or reduced, your career or future opportunities to enroll in the military may be affected. The military holds its personnel to very high standards. Your rank could be reduced or you could be deemed unfit for service.

Are My Deportation Tracks Erased After A Deportation?

Andrews, Brian Dale Brian Dale Andrews was traveling on June 30, 2007, in a white 1992 Cadillac northbound on US 27 when he lost control and entered the southbound lanes. The front of Andrews’ vehicle struck a vehicle traveling southbound killing the two occupants in that vehicle before colliding with another vehicle traveling southbound. Andrews was arrested for driving with a suspended driver’s license resulting in death but later failed to appear to arraignment on those charges. Andrews also has two active warrants for DUI manslaughter.

Lacayo, Carlos Augusto Carlos Augusto Lacayo was traveling on March 05, 2011, in a 2010 Gray Honda Accord northbound on I-95 in Miami, when he approached an area where a previous crash had occurred and the crashed vehicle was in the roadway. There were five people from the previous crash standing in front of the vehicle against a barrier wall. Lacayo swerved to miss the crashed vehicle and lost control, sliding into the barrier wall and striking the five people, all of whom died as a result of their injuries. Lacayo may have fled to Honduras. Lacayo has an active warrant for his arrest in Miami-Dade for 5 DUI manslaughter homicides.

Can you travel within the United States if you are

We can assist you in a confidential analysis of your case, evaluate all available options and explore the simplest and safest route to ensure you are free to cross the Canadian border.

A criminal conviction may mean that you may be criminally inadmissible to settle in or visit Canada. The Canadian government is very strict on this point with convictions for even minor offenses leading to inadmissibility.

As a result, crossing the border can be complex, but by no means impossible. Of course, it depends on the nature of the offense, the passage of time since the conviction, whether you are considered rehabilitated, whether you apply for criminal rehabilitation or whether you apply for a suspended record or a discharge.

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