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Roaming Canada


Chat with friends and family back home by simply connecting to a Canadian Telus Mobility, Rogers Wireless or local Telus network. Plus, you can also use your SIM in more than 205 countries and 340 networks. Make calls as if you were at home and save up to 85% on roaming charges. Free incoming calls.

The universal prepaid SIM card for Canada can be used in any unlocked cell phone. Just top it up online whenever you want, we provide coverage across Canada and beyond.

Sim for use in canada

It is free and arrives within 48 hours, for orders placed before 14PM. You will receive a tracking code and someone must be present to pick it up, please note that holidays and weekends are not valid. Islands, Ceuta and Melilla have special conditions.

You receive your card in 24 hours, for orders placed before 14PM, it has a cost of 4,5€. You must take into account that holidays and weekends are non-business days, and you must be present to pick it up. Islands, Ceuta and Melilla have special conditions.

If you are in a hurry, you receive your card the next working day before 16PM, for orders placed before 15PM. It costs 9,5€ and you must be present to pick it up. Please note that holidays and weekends are non-business days. Islands, Ceuta and Melilla have special conditions.

Good. We were last week in NY. Highly recommended, it arrived at home on time and worked perfectly from the beginning. Recommended 100×100. Just put the card in and it’s like having your own. Do not hesitate to buy it and use it. Greetings.


You’re traveling to Canada and want to stay connected to the Internet without paying roaming charges, with the peace of mind of being able to contact your family or find a nearby restaurant. You will get all this with a data SIM for Canada.

You will find many options at different prices and most with high prices, little coverage and data, although there is a SIM card that can offer you everything on your trip to Canada: quality, good amount of data and at a low price.

Finally, if you are not sure how much internet you will need you can check in our article how much data do I need to travel. We will help you calculate the amount of data you need for your trip to Canada.

It offers a Canada SIM card with 3G data speed, but you have to buy the SIM card at 8.65 € and one of the four plans that this company has. Note that their prices range from 17.31 € to 34.61 € and they offer you from 250MB to 4.5GB for 30 days.

A card that you can put in any device. Tablets or Wifi modems, for example. While their prices range from 38.95 € to 73.56 € for one month. Its prepaid SIM card Canada also includes unlimited calls and SMS throughout the country.

Telcel works in Canada

Use your Cricket service while traveling in Mexico and Canada. No need to buy a new SIM card or switch to a local carrier, just turn on your Cricket cell phone! Other carriers may limit your usage or require a special additional international service per day, but with Cricket Wireless’ Unlimited plan your data travels with you to Mexico and Canada. So go ahead and post those vacation photos on social media, send text messages, call friends and family, check your emails and more.

All Cricket unlimited plans starting at $55/month now include roaming data services, plus unlimited calling and texting to and from Mexico, Canada* and the U.S.; this means you’ll be able to use your cell phone when traveling to your favorite vacation destinations or visiting family. Keep in mind! Call, text and data usage in Canada needs to be less than 50% of total usage in a 3 month period, otherwise you risk having your service suspended. Primary cell phone usage must be in the U.S.**.

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