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Some examples are: Project managers, which are usually required in the areas of engineering, business, health, law, among others. They can have an average annual salary between $75,000 and $125,000.

This can be done in Canada at institutions such as Georgian College, who in partnership with the International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC) offer a series of postgraduate management programs in the city of Toronto that once completed allow graduates to apply for these positions.

The options for where to study nursing in Canada are diverse. Colleges such as Seneca College and Sheridan College are alternatives in the province of Ontario, however, upon completion of the program it is necessary to take the Canadian Practical Nursing Registration Examination (CPNRE). Upon completion of that exam, it is possible to practice as a registered nurse or registered practical nurse in the province.

Institutions such as Conestoga College, Sault College, or Simon Fraser University have robotics programs, and the average annual salary for a recent graduate of these programs is around $55,000 CAD.

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Talking about Canada is talking about the land of opportunities; it is among the largest and most prosperous countries in the world, which is reflected in the quality of life of its inhabitants, both natives and foreigners. 6 steps that will be very useful for you not to fall by the wayside and make the most of the scholarship programs for Canada.

The best of all is that its universities have very good support programs for international students. Scholarships in Canada are part of a huge growth strategy to boost talent recruitment.

All universities in Canada (96 in total) offer programs and scholarships to foreigners who wish to study or do research work. Although the opportunities are very broad, one of the requirements to obtain a scholarship will be the mastery of English, followed by French.

Undoubtedly, in Canada you will find the scholarship related to that career or specialization you are looking for, but the high demand requires adopting a competitive attitude, and, above all, taking into account some steps like these to reach your goal.

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Accessing a College or Co-Op program is the most popular option. The reason is that you can work from the moment you arrive in Canada. If this is the first time you hear the term: co-op program, diploma, career, College, … we recommend you to check this link, as we explain all the details.

You will need a study permit and a work permit. Although popularly called a student visa, Mexican citizens no longer need a visa to enter Canada. You just need to have the correct permits. You cannot study and work in Canada with just your eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization). Learn about the process to apply for your study and work permit here.

The process is done online through the IRCC website. The account is used to send all the necessary documents to the Government of Canada. Through this portal the Government of Canada, you will receive a response to your application for permits to travel to Canada to study and work.

Yes, Canada allows entry to vaccinated international students with vaccines accepted by the Government of Canada. You must have your study permit approved before you travel in order to start your study and work program, that is why we do not travel as tourists, but as students. This allows us to work from day one in Canada.

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Your gut is telling you, I’d like to get out of my comfort zone, spend some time studying and working in Canada. But there’s something holding you back: your level of English and the savings you’ll need to support yourself.    And you will probably have other questions like:

Do you want to improve your English? Do you already know English and want to take a French course? Do you want to study at university or something more practical?

Although you are probably going to study, you will most likely need to work during your stay, so today we will share with you a lot of information about the job situation in Canada for foreigners.

If your goal is to find any kind of job to combine with your studies during your stay, the best option will be to go out there with a smile on your face. Leave resumes in person and always ask for the manager of the store, bar or restaurant where you want to work. With the Study Permit you will be able to combine studies and work in Canada and enjoy your stay without worrying about money.

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