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Skip to content Health is one of the most important things in Canada. This has led to an increasing level of care, making it one of the few countries in the world with an enviable level of health care. This opens the door for many people to immigrate to Canada and work as nurses. Of course, the country’s standards and requirements must be met. What does it take to work in this area? Let’s take a look at some important details.

Table of ContentsHow to get a nursing degree in CanadaTo work in Canada as a nurse, the first thing you must have is a university degree, at least because most of the organizations in the health system, including governmental ones, require you to have a bachelor’s degree in some specialty.

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Some examples are: Project managers, which are usually required in the areas of engineering, business, health, law, among others. They can have an average annual salary between $75,000 and $125,000.

This can be done in Canada at institutions such as Georgian College, who in partnership with the International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC) offer a series of postgraduate management programs in the city of Toronto that once completed allow graduates to apply for these positions.

The options for where to study nursing in Canada are diverse. Colleges such as Seneca College and Sheridan College are alternatives in the province of Ontario, however, upon completion of the program it is necessary to take the Canadian Practical Nursing Registration Examination (CPNRE). Upon completion of that exam, it is possible to practice as a registered nurse or registered practical nurse in the province.

Institutions such as Conestoga College, Sault College, or Simon Fraser University have robotics programs, and the average annual salary for a recent graduate of these programs is around $55,000 CAD.

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To begin with, if you want to practice nursing in Canada, you have to register with the College of Registered Nurses of the Province you are interested in going to. Canada is a little bit like the United States in terms of the organization of the country, instead of states they have provinces, but in the same way each one has its own legislation.

The nursing school will review all your documents once they have received all of them. From there it will take about 10 weeks to give you an answer and it is very likely that you will be asked to take the SEC Assessment (which will be done in Canada).

SEC Assessment is an exam in which you will be asked to take theoretical and practical tests, clinical cases, etc. to see what level of nursing you have. This exam can have a maximum duration of 40 hours (in 5 days, 8 hours a day) if they need to assess everything. The minimum would be 16 hours).

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